Board Gaming

Board Games

While you may have come across board games such as Monopoly or Risk before, you may not have heard of games like Carcassonne, Dominion or Settlers of Catan.

Events: Board Games Online every Wednesday 14:00-18:30

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of the board, feel free to join our weekly gaming session online every Wednesday. Games take somewhere between 30 minutes and a couple of hours, and tend to be for between 3 and 6 players. Details of how to join can be found in our teams event information page.

Once again it is important to stress you do not need to have played any of these games before to have a great time and get into them. Most of them are easy to pick up and experienced members are always happy to teach a new game. Even veteran player will find new games and need a bit of help.

As board games is online, we can't use our collection of board games. Instead we will mainly be suggesting using but feel free to use any online free boardgame websites. Just come along find a group and play some board games. More info of how to join and take part will be posted in teams every wednesday.

Any questions or queries about board games, or anything else, please don't hesitate to ask!

James Lake
Board Games Officer