Role Playing Games

Credits to Chris Yarzab

One Shots: Monday 30th January, and Thursday 2nd, Monday 6th and Thursday 9th February, 7:15pm to 10:05pm. 
Campaigns: Weekdays 7pm to 10pm (day chosen by GM), starting Week 20 (13th February)
GM Forum: Saturdays 1pm to 3pm, starting October 8th, in 8W 2.

Discord: Most of our activities, including signing up to run and play in games, are arranged through our Discord Server, so make sure to sign up to see the latest!

Roleplaying games are essentially games where you play the role of a character in a story. Unlike computer games, Tabletop RPGs offer incredible freedom in choosing who your character is and the world they live in. We run a huge variety of games so there's something for everyone, from newcomers curious what they're all about, to veteran players looking for something to sink their teeth into.

We run a lot of different RPGs, mostly Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder (first and second edition) and Call of Cthulhu. People do run other RPG systems as well. If you want to run a game then GM applications open just before the semester and useually end during the first week of classes.

We also run special sessions, one shots and mega games. We run one shots on the first week of each semester, these are open to people of all skill levels and some one shots are specifically built ot teach people. Mega games are games that are sort of a mix of an RPG and a board game, normally where you play a small faction in the part of a large collective and you have to help your group. We tend to run one megagame every semester.

We have physical books that we can loan out to prospective GMs who want to run a game, and there are many more pdfs of books available online for those that we don't. Players don't need to worry about the books, all they need to bring is themselves, something to write with, and some dice (some GMs might provide these too).

Finally, our GM Forum will be run on Saturdays, 1pm to 3pm. The GM Forum is a place for people running campaigns to discuss their games, get advice or workshop their worlds. So if you're unsure about running a game and would like some support, or enjoy talking worldbuilding with other GMs, we've got you covered.