Role Playing Games

Credits to Chris Yarzab

Meetings: Mondays and Thursdays from 7:15 pm to 10 pm, in 8W 2.34 and CB 5.5 respectively.

Roleplaying games are essentially games where you play the role of a character in a story. You may already be familiar with these games, and know that you want to play them, in which case, come along, and there will likely be a game to suit you.

For those unfamiliar, a typical game will consist of 3-6 players and a GM or 'Game Master'. The GM runs the game, controlling the world around the players, and will usually have a rough plan for how the game will play out. The game itself could range from playing as a group of fantasy adventurers, like Skyrim, to hunting monsters in the present day, like Buffy or Supernatural; or even a realistic game if that's what appeals to you.

The reason dice are so commonly associated with RPGs is that they're used to add an element of luck to the games; when the players describe certain things they want to do, they often roll dice in order to see if they succeed, the chance of which is affected by their previously established strengths. Whatever the setting or system of rules for the dice, it offers people a chance to socialise in regularly meeting groups, build and expand a narrative together, and enjoy themselves in a typically co-operative type of game. If you don't own dice, we will have sets that you can borrow or buy.

If you're unsure of whether these games are for you, come along in the first week of each semester: we run short, one-session games (also known as one-shots), which would be good for trying it out without committing. There may also be one-shots throughout the year, and though these will not be as aimed at new people, we're always welcoming, so feel free to come along.

When we played in person we would book rooms from 7pm til 10pm on Monday and Thursday nights. But currently we orginise games online over discord with groups deciding on what day they want to play, GMs can sign up through a google form and then players join at the start of the semester. Typically we run full semester or half semester campaigns, but campaigns can and have varied in length if necessary. We run a separate set of campaigns on each day, so that people who can't come to one day can often still participate in the other, or you can take part in two different campaigns across both days.

We have a collection of rulebooks owned by the society so that everyone can have a wide range of choice without having to buy a whole set of books. We also hold GM training sessions with stories and advice for people thinking about running games: these take place throughout the year.

Finally, try not to overrun by too much, the security guards don't like that.