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Chair: Aydin Hodala

Hi everybody, I'm Aydin, and I'm Chair this year. I'll be appearing at Boardgames, Wargames, and RPGs, though you may spot a wild Aydin in other places. If you have any queries, questions or quandries, feel free to get in touch! Happy tabletopping(?)!

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Secretary: Arthur Huxley

Hey, I'm Arthur, a second-year maths student.

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Treasurer: Owen Holland

Hi all. I'm Owen, I’m in my third year of my Maths degree and I'll be Treasurer for the society this year. This means I'll be in charge of managing how the society's funds are spent and making sure people get good value out of their membership fees. I’ll be at most of the board game sessions. If you want to contact me with any questions don't hesitate to drop me an email or message me on Facebook. Looking forward to playing games with you all!

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Welfare and Inclusivity Officer: BishopA badass

Hi, I'm Bishop (they/them). I am this year's Wai Officer (I made that initial up, but damn if the role isn't a mouthful), and a 3rd year Nat Sci student (this my 6th year at Uni however, work that one out).

I will be around but not attending all events. But no fear, you can always email me, contact me on Discord (Bishop #1877) or find me on Facebook (my profile pic is the same one as here).

Anything you message me is in confidence unless there is possible danger involved. I will help with anything, or just be an ear if you need that. 

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Roleplaying Officer: Rhodri Ellis

Hello there! I'm Rhodri (they/them) and I'm head of RPGs for tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder etc.). When societies can start organising in-person events we host games Mondays and Thursdays.

 Whether you've been running games for years, are a first time player or you want to try being a GM for the first time don't be afraid to come along. I also organise infrequent one-shot sessions where instead of playing a game over multiple sessions we have one game that is entirely self-contained.

Throughout the year, when I can, I run GM forums; gatherings were GMs can meet, complain about players and discuss tips-and-tricks in order to better learn how to run RPGs. Don't be afraid to contact me if you want to ask questions or need some help, I hope to see you all rolling some dice in the near post-apocalyptic future. Happy gaming!

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Board Games Officer: James Lake