Sunday Social Tennis League

Sundays are for Tennis! For those who have signed up, you’ll play weekly scheduled matches between 12-4 on Sundays. You’ll receive the schedule (match time and opponents) through email and as posts on the Facebook group. We provide balls and organisation, allowing you to flex your competition muscles throughout the semester!

Last year’s league was a real success, with strongcommitment throughout the entire year. The winner turned up to every Sunday match, so consistency is the name of the game!

Competition Notes:

  • The format is playing singles one week and doubles the next. If you sign up, you should be able to play all matches in a given semester.

  • Players are organised in teams – you can either sign up as a team or we can put you in one, it doesn’t matter! There are both team and individual points leagues, so every game counts!

  • Points: Maximum of 10 for a win, 1 for turning up, and 1 for every game earned by the losing player.

  • If there are any times/dates you cannot make, e-mail Ashley Stoneman at after signing up.

  • The Sunday schedule will be released by the Friday before the Sunday at the latest, so be sure to check it to see who you are playing!

  • Sign up is not first come first serve, and matches will be arranged for ability to make all matches enjoyable.

  • Please note you can either play with your own balls or the club's balls.

If you would like to play, then join the Facebook Group:

and add your name to the google Doc:

The sign up sheets will also be available at taster sessions and on the facebook group.

OR contact Ashley Stoneman, our competition organiser on