BUCS Tennis

Here at the University Of Bath we are fortunate enough to have strong links with the MCTA Bath Tennis Academy; an International High Performance Centre based within the University’s Sports Training Village. The Academy attracts performance players from all over the world; including those with both ATP and WTA international rankings (see http://teambathmcta.com/ for more details). As such, with all five of our BUCS Tennis Teams utilising this facility and training alongside these world class players, it is not coincidental that we have had a long history of success.

The University of Bath has teams in the highest BUCS divisions possible for both Men's and Women's tennis. Our Women’s 1st Team were the BUCS Premier South Champions and BUCS National Championship winners for 4 consecutive years from 2012-2016, and our Men’s 1st Team were the National Championship runners up in the recent 2015/16 season. Both teams are now part of the BUCS National Premiership, meaning they compete at the highest possible level for University tennis in the UK, on a weekly basis.

In addition to this, our newly introduced Men’s 3rd team have dominated their divisions in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons. They are unbeaten in the league (in which they are competing against many univiersities’ 1st and 2nd teams) and have also won the Western Conference Cup - both incredible achievements for the team in their first two years of competition.


For anyone interested in competing for the University of Bath’s Tennis Teams, contact Chris Starkey (cls96@bath.ac.uk) in order to provide details of their national ranking & previous competition experience. Please note that due to the incredibly high standards of our teams we do advise that only players with a rating of 4.2 or better for both men and women try out for the BUCS teams. International students without a British tennis rating should contact Alex Walker (arw@bath.ac.uk)for more information. 

*Ratings of team players that represented the University in the 2019/20 season ranged from 1.1-3.1 for men, and 1.2-4.2 for women.


For more information on our teams, including upcoming fixtures, results, standings and history, please see the links below:

Women’s 1st Team: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=3942&sport=Tennis&institution=University of Bath

Women’s 2nd Team: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=3943&sport=Tennis&institution=University of Bath

Men’s 1st Team: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=3944&sport=Tennis&institution=University of Bath

Men’s 2nd Team: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=3945&sport=Tennis&institution=University of Bath

Men's 3rd Team: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=3946&sport=Tennis&institution=University of Bath