Group Rides:

All routes for the coming week will be posted on our Facebook page. You can download them to a GPS computer or your phone and complete them in your own time if you can’t make the organised ride.
We offer a few different rides through the week:
Wednesday Ride:
Meet outside the Chancellors' Building at 1.30pm. There will usually be 4 or more groups depending on numbers:
Beginners Group:
Ideal for less experienced cyclists. This group will ride at the pace of the slowest ride and often includes a cafe stop.
Avg Speed: ~20 kph
Distance: 30 km
Intermediate Groups: 
Experienced cyclists.
Avg Speed: ~25 kph
Distance: 40 - 50 km
Experienced Groups:
Strong, experienced cyclists. Be aware when choosing to ride with this group that it is a hard training ride and the group may not wait for dropped riders. 
Avg Speed: >30 kph
Distance: 40 - 50 km

Weekend Rides & Girls Rides

On a weekend slightly longer rides are posted up on our facebook page and as with Wednesday rides we coordinate closely with the cycling club to put these on.

In addition, this year has seen the successful introduction of a girls only ride, where girls who may not feel as confident riding in a larger or faster group, are led by a couple of more experienced girls on a relaxed ride. This is a great opportunity for those who want to build their cycling skills, explore Bath and just enjoy being out on their bike. Girls of any ability are welcome and there often cafe stops involved.