Triathlon Training Safety and Etiquette

It is in the interest of all members of the University of Bath Triathlon Club to be on time and behave in a safe and considerate manner during training sessions. We would like to ask that you stick to the following etiquette guidelines during swim, run and bike sessions to help us maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere within the club.

Swimming Etiquette

  • Swimmers should aim to arrive on poolside at least 5 minutes before any session. Nobody should turn up later than the session start time except in exceptional circumstances eg. those who have a lecture finishing directly before a session.
  • Always stick to the correct side of the lane. Odd numbered lanes swim clockwise, even numbered lanes swim anticlockwise. You should not swim down the centre of the lane.

  • Swimmers should set off in speed order and leave a 10 second gap between one another, unless otherwise specified.

  • If you catch another swimmer, tap them on the toes once, then remain behind them until you have finished a rep and then switch places in the lane. Alternatively, the caught swimmer may stop at the end of the pool to let you pass.

  • Do not consistently swim on the feet of another swimmer except on group swim sets. Either go in front or drop back and leave some space.

  • At the end of any rep, move out of the way and leave space on the wall for others to finish.

  • Swim at the pace specified by the coach. Warm up, swim down and drills should all be done at your own steady pace whilst Aerobic sets should not be Threshold and visa versa.

  • Take the rest or going time specified by the coach by looking at the clocks around the pool.

  • Those in the Advanced sessions should use the clock to take their times on any reps, this is also good practice for Beginner and Intermediate swimmers to try.

  • If there is no coach present, you should allocate a lane leader and regroup after each part of the session for them to explain the next set.

Cycling Etiquette (Group Rides)

  • Always wear a helmet (no helmet, no ride.)

  • Always carry a pump, a spare inner tube and tools and preferably know how to use them.

  • Use lights in the winter.

  • Shout if you’re struggling at the back, or if you see someone else struggling.

  • You should be riding in a single paceline on most busy roads around Bath. When in larger groups and on quiet and wide roads a double paceline should be used. It is important to remember we share the roads with others.

  • If any rider shouts “single out”, riders in the right hand paceline should slot in behind the rider to their left.

  • The lead rider(s) should point out large pot holes to the rest of the pack. This message then has to be carried through to the back.

  • If there is a large build up of queuing traffic behind a group, the leader(s) should find a safe place to pull in and let cars pass.

  • When on a group ride, ride as a group. If you want to push the pace, ride with a faster group or enter a race.

  • Rides which are specified as “drop rides” (e.g. the Wednesday Advanced/ Chaingang group) will not wait for the slowest rider. If you are dropped, ensure that you are able to find your way home.

Running Etiquette (Track Sessions)

  • The warm up is not a race, run steady and as a group.

  • Run one behind the other on reps, or on the shoulder of the runner in front, but not side by side.

  • Always finish the session with a proper cool down.


Above all, enjoy yourselves!