Fresher's Week 2023

We are super excited to meet all the new faces for 2023-2024! Come find us at the Sport's Fair on the Wednesday of Fresher's Week, you can meet the committee and ask any questions you might still have!

Taster Sessions

During Fresher's Week itself, we are planning on offering taster sessions which are similar to an actual training week.

Day Discipline Start End Location
Monday Swimming 12:15 13:30 Lanes 5 & 6
Tuesday Indoor Cycling 15:00 16:00 STV Reception
Wednesday Freshers Fair 11:00 15:00 Sports Fair
Thursday Indoor Cycling 16:00 17:00 STV Reception
Friday Running 14:30 15:30 Athletics Track


Information on these events can be found in several places; our Facebook page is the main source of information for the year and is where event details can be found, the group is linked here:

Our Instagram page will also have a list of the Fresher's Week events, as well as the training schedule for the rest of the year, we can be found at:


All abilities will be accounted for in all of the taster events so please do not feel nervous. Please ask any questions you might have to the instagram page or the facebook group, we are all super happy to help!