Key Events

BUCS Duathlon - CANCELLED 2020

This is usually hosted towards the end of November at Castle Combe Circuit, just under an hours drive from Bath. It consists of a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, all BUCS competitions have been cancelled for semester 1. Anybody is welcome to enter regardless of your ability and it is a beginner friendly event. We aim to fund transport costs to the event for all participants and will take a coach for the team along with vans to transport your bikes.

BUCS Sprint Triathlon

This is hosted at the start of May. It consisits of a 750m swim, 20km bike on open roads, and a 5km run. Like the Duathlon, it is a beginner friendly event and anybody is welcome to enter. We aim to fund transport costs to the event and will take a coach for the team along with vans to transport your bikes.

BUCS Standard Distance Triathlon

This event is usually towards the end of May and in recent years has been hosted in Southport, so is a lot further to travel for us than the other BUCS events. It is a 1500m open water swim, 40km closed road bike, and a 10km run. We usually take a smaller team to this race due to the costs of attending and it being an open water event, however anybody is welcome to enter and we will do our best to help with the costs where possible.

Club Aquathlon

In more recent years we have hosted a club aquathlon involving a 400m swim in the 50m pool at Bath followed by a 5km run around the campus. This is a fun and less serious event that is great preparation for the BUCS sprint and standard distance triathlons, allowing you to practice transitions and try out the multi-sport format. This is completely free for all club members.

Winter training camp

Every January, the club heads to Spain for our winter training camp, for Inter Semester Break between the end of semester one exams and before the start of semester two. It is unclear as to whether this will go ahead as normal this year, however, as a club we will do our best to arrange something, most likely in the UK.


All socials this year will align with Covid-19 government guidelines to ensure your safety and well-being. Typically, every Wednesday during term the University hosts a Sports club night in the SU known as Score (this may not occur as normal through 2020-21). Before heading to Score the club will put on a social event with games and activities, the themes, locations and times of which will be communicated usually via the club's Facebook group. While the weather permits, the club will host BBQs and other casual socials throughout the year. At the end of each semester the club will also put on a meal or evening drinks to celebrate the achievements of individuals and also the club as a whole. We intend to continue the 'pre-Score' part of our socials as usual, even if Score itself doesn't happen! Attendance to socials is not compulsory and members will not be expected to take part in any activity they do not wish to.