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What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations. By following the procedure of the United Nations, delegates  debate and find solutions to the world's most pressing problems.  


Why join BUMUN?

Model United Nations expects people to perform the roles of foreign diplomats. Therefore, it allows the development of excellent communication skills, advanced negotiation skills, good team-work skills, as well as confidence in public speaking. Also, because of the topics of the discussion, it creates a very good knowledge and awareness of ongoing international issues. 

The skills developed by MUN are seeked by employers during interviews, particularly as they want to hire people who are able to communicate and negotiate well, and who are able to be constructive team members. 

Aside from professional development, MUN is a great way to meet new people and make friends! The conferences BUMUN members attend throughout the year* are a good (cost-effective) way to travel and see various places in England, as well as abroad!


Who can join? 
Any student at the University of Bath is welcome! Join us online by clicking the "Join" button below, come meet us in person at our table during the Fresher's Fair or 'pop' into one of our practice sessions once Semester 1 begins to get a real taste of what BUMUN is about!

Please take a look at the documents below to get a better sense of what BUMUN 2012-2013 is planning to achieve in the coming year!

* BUMUN will subsidize the fees as much as possible, depending on the number of students attending the conference but, inevitably, the majority of the costs will have to be funded by the participating students themselves.


Annual Report

BUMUN Annual Report 2009/10

BUMUN Development Plan (2012-2013)