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Current Committee (2017-18)

We are the ones 'in charge' of the society - we pick the films for first semester, write the quiz, and do the real work behind room bookings, emails and all the other not-so-fun stuff (as well as the fun stuff too!)

We are all super friendly; and you will always see at least one of us at each screening - so please come and chat!

If you wish to contact the committee with any queries or ideas, please send us an email, post on our Facebook, Twitter or one of our other social media platforms!

Chair - Jaye Ward-Berry

Jaye is a second year student on the MMath. He enjoys procrastinating and generally attempts to avoid all forms of responsibility. Relevent likes are: Shingeki No kyojin, The Company of Wolves, and Space Odyssey. He can also be found Refusing to buy a PC (that isn't considered legacy), doing large numbers of Sudoku, and worrying about the rising cost of living in the UK. Don't try to talk to him as he becomes easily frightened and may never turn up to a screening again.


Treasurer - Malwina Jurkowska

Malwina is a 3rd year MMath Mathematics student and the current Treasurer- her job is to ensure that the society doesn’t overspend on Pocky and inflatable raptors. She is a fan of K-Pop, Godzilla and “Reading Books Before the Film Comes out”! As a second time committee member she has done many challenging things to keep the society running, such as dressing up as a giant potato. If you’re up for discussion about anything and everything, make sure to give her a nudge!

Reece Cook

Secretary - Reece Cook

Reece is a 4th year Nat-Sci and long term Sci-Fi Fan. He's in charge of booking all the rooms and making sure the rest of the society knows what each other are doing. Winner of 2 quizzes his favourite superhero is black panther. Free feel to email or catch me at a screening.

Social Secretary - Daniel Green

Dan is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student returning from Placement.  His favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime things include Firefly, Gurren Lagann, Guardians of the Galaxy and anything written by Sanderson.  When he’s not busy making sure the committee runs like a well-oiled machine, he spends his free time playing videogames such as Overwatch and World of Tanks.  Let him know if you’ve got anything to say because he’s always up for a chat!


IT Officer -

Publicity Rep - Rob Worley

Rob is a 4th year Engineering student. During the daytime he is interested in coffee and robotics. The rest of the time he's into reading (currently the Wheel of Time book 8), playing board games (badly), tabletop RPGs, video games (he will finish Dark Souls 3 eventually), and going to the pub (preferably the Brewhouse). He'd love to chat so find him at screenings or online! 

Previous Committee

Year Chair Treasurer Secretary Social Secretary IT Officer Publicity Rep
2017-18 Jaye Ward-Berry Malwina Jurkowska Reece Cook Daniel Green - Rob Worley
2016-17 Daniel Green Malwina Jurkowska Charlotte Hughes Digger Brewer Kip Morris Benjamin Dring
2015-16 Gareth Hawkes Jacob Weaver Frankie Andrews Ben McKenzie Kip Morris Claudio Doria
2014-15 Caroline Jeston Malwina Jurkowska Frankie Andrews Victoria Nicholls Alex Harvey Claudio Doria
2013-14 Leon Byford Callum Tozer Isaac Taylor-Harrod Chris Carter Gareth Hawkes -
2012-13 Joshua Tearle Toby Woodfin Caroline Jeston Ben McKenzie Alex Harvey -
2011-12 Samantha Walters Luiza Woronycz Toby Woodfin Autumn Burchett Kingsley Jarrett -
2010-11 Hannah Twitchell Alice Keel Craig Stone Autumn Burchett Kingsley Jarrett -


Society Documents

We feel it is important that the workings on the society are open to examination by all, so below are some of the documents that allow us to exist! The committee meets regularly to discuss and plan society activities - if you are interested in reading our meeting minutes, please email us at

History of the Society

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society was founded way back in 1998 and is now in its nineteenth year!

In its short lifetime, Sci-Fi has won several awards from the Student's Union:

  • 1998-1999: Best New Society; Worst Event (back when the awards weren't taken seriously)
  • 1999-2000: Best Website
  • 2000-2001: Treasurer's Special Award
  • 2001-2002: Best Website
  • 2002-2003: Best General Society

The society was founded by a small group of friends who wanted to show some good films and get together for social events. Throughout our first year we gained more members, showed a wider variety of films and generally strove to do what our members wanted. For our efforts we received the "Best New Society" award. We also received the "Worst Event" award for our disastrous first ever screening (without the films we wanted to show and no idea how to use the equipment it was doomed to failure).

Every year we aim to be both bigger and better than before, building on the success of previous years.