Past Socials


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Previous Socials

We've had various different socials in the past, a lot of which we regularly have every year, so here's a page giving more info on what we normally do and when. If you want to check out all the photos from our past socials, check out our photos page.



We hold two quizzes every year: a winter quiz on the 2nd last week of semester 1 and a summer quiz on the 2nd last week of semester 2. They're normally on a Friday in 5W 2.3 starting from 7:30pm and last up to 5 hours. There are around 20 rounds to test your Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Anime knowledge, including rounds on observation, charades, AMVs, quotes, music and more! Additionally we have an ongoing crafts or poster round depending on the quiz. Getting 1st or 2nd in the quiz or getting 1st in the ongoing round means your team can win some of the films we've screened! We highly recommend coming along, and non-members are welcome too.

Restaurant Socials

We normally have 4 society restaurant trips throughout the year around the start and end of each semester. We're up for suggestions, and normally let our members vote on what they prefer and rarely go to the same place twice so that we can keep the selection diverse, as we've been to Wagamama, Nando's, Frankie and Benny's, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and many more in previous years. They're always a nice way to get to know everyone in the society, and there's often up to 20 members who come to each social. I mean, who doesn't like restaurant trips?

Film/Series Marathons

Clearly 70 or so screenings throughout the year isn't enough, as we hold marathons of films, series and anime after exams too. We'll normally try to hold two or three marathons at minimum and ensure that they're varied (for example, after Semester 1 exams, we screened the Dark Knight Trilogy and Attack on Titan over the weekend). They can last up to 12 hours, but we make sure to stock up at fresh during breaks and order pizza too.

Laser Fusion

Every year, usually in the middle of semester 2, we have a joint social with the Film Society to Laser Fusion in Bristol where we compete to find out which society is better enjoy ourselves. It's best 2 out of 3 for an hour and is a great deal of fun, so is highly recommended. Of course, we win all of the time.

Games Days

Whilst we do have a regular meet-up in 8W 1.34 a couple of hours before our anime screenings on Friday that involves gaming (generally DDR), we've also had socials where we've played games pretty much all day! This year we joined up with the Table Top Society who kindly provided the board games, whilst we brought some DDR pads and consoles (Wii U, 3DSes) and spent seven hours playing non-stop, followed by a restaurant social.