Useful Resources

Fundraising Toolkit

The Fundraising Toolkit is the perfect place to start if you are wanting to organise a fundraiser. It is full of handy tips, tricks, ideas and important guidelines to help make your fundraiser a success.


Student Event Manager Handbook

The Event Manager handbook covers all the stages you need to consider when organising an event, from the organisation to wash up. 


Event Planners

This web page will help you determine whether you need to complete an 'Event Planner' for your event or not. The Event Planner link can also be found here.


Finance Information

It is super important that you use the correct financial codes and processes so that charity law is adhered to. This link tells you all the vital finance information you need so that you don't breach the law.


Online Fundraising Training

To be able to organise a fundraiser, you must have completed the mandatory online fundraising training.


How to set up an Online Fundraiser

Go to our fundraising home page and select the option which is most appropriate for your fundraising endeavour. Make sure you are logged in.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the page for your event.


  • When naming your fundraising page please include the name of your SU Group and clearly describe the fundraising event taking place.
  • If you wish to carry out a larger fundraiser, please contact before setting up your page as it may be the case that we can help create a better suited campaign page.
  • After setting up your page, please email with the details of your page and contact for your chosen charity. You should also notify the relevant support staff in the SU of your event if you haven't already.