Welcome to BUST! We are a family of actors, directors, playwrights, producers, and students putting on performances throughout the year, running fun weekly informal workshops, and having a blast at weekly socials.

Reasons to join us

We’ve been performing since 1968 and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Whether you want to perform on stage, practice at our weekly workshops, or just spend time at our socials, BUST is the society for you!

Check out our latest awards!
In 2024, we were shortlisted for Best Regular Activity, Event of the Year and Collaboration of the Year at the SU Awards
In the 2022/23 Inclusivity Awards, we were awarded Bronze
In the 2023 SU Awards, we won Best Regular Activity for our Wednesday Workshops!
In 2022, we won Most Inclusive Group and Committee Member of the Year (Francesca McBride, Chair 21/22)
In 2018, we won Best Society Event and Best Overall Event!
And in 2017, we won Best Arts Society

Come and Meet Us

If you're interested in joining us, come along to our events during Freshers’ or Refresh week - you can find more information on the Freshers’ week page!

To stay up to date on everything going on in our society, follow us on Instagram at @bustoninsta, check out our public Facebook page 'Bath Uni Theatre', and join the private Facebook page 'BUST on Facebook' for our members. Once you join BUST, you will also be added to our weekly mailing list.

For a comprehensive guide to BUST, visit our Freshers' page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any members of the committee, even during the summer, as we count down the days to a new BUST year!


Check out our upcoming productions and buy tickets here: https://www.thesubath.com/bust/productions/




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Social Secretary


Events Coordinator


Welfare and Inclusivity Officer