Given the ongoing uncertainty, we are still yet to be informed on the possibility of conducting workshops as we have done all these years. AY the bare minimum, we will provide you with an online alternative

Every week, one of our members will prepare a workshop session for the rest of the society, usually on a theatre topic they are well-versed in or based on a theatre/ social experience they have had, sharing knowledge and bringing awareness to an array of fields and topics through the medium of acting. We also allocate a portion of our yearly budget to bringing in professionals to put on workshops on some more complex/in depth topics. We’ve even had some braver BUST freshers put on workshops for us over the years, so if think you have something that the society would enjoy, don’t be afraid to bring it up with our vice-chair, Frankie!

While most of these workshops are based around acting, we have had several focusing on the other aspects of theatre, such as set design, directing and puppetry.

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite workshops!

Stage Combat!

Recent Graduate Chris has put on some incredible workshops over the years on the many aspects of stage combat. Built on the knowledge of the various courses he has attended over the years; it covers everything from how to stage fall to full on swordfights!


Frankie took us to the wonderful wold of puppeteering where she showed us how to make impromptu puppets from an item of clothing, which we then would go on to perform a short piece with for everyone else based on an emotion that we we’re trying to convey. After the performance, the audience had to try and guess and we would see how poorly we did!

Set Design

Chiara showed us everything that goes into set design and how we can design the stage for our favourite shows!

Professional Workshops

Every year we have 2 workshops run by industry professionals, this year, they were unfortunately cancelled by covid-19 but in the past we’ve had great experiences and learned a lot every time.

For any futher queries, contact our vice-chair, Frankie!