BUST holds a workshop EVERY WEDNESDAY from 7:00 - 9:00pm for our society members.

They are usually run by one or two of our lovely members on a theatre topic they are well-versed in or based on experience they have. They can range from improvisation to script work, directing to puppetry!. 

We also allocate a portion of our yearly budget to bringing in professionals to put on workshops on some more complex/in depth topics.

Everyone will have the opportunity to run a workshop if they would so like, so please contact our Vice-Chair Libby ( if you are interested!

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite workshops over the past few years!


Once upon a time the wonderful Elsa showed us the magical world of storytelling. We explored different ways to tell stories, with fun drama games and the option to showcase what we had done! 


Recent graduate Tom showed us how to create Puppets out of paper using the same techniques he had used to create the fabulous puppets used in Charlotte's Web (our 2021 Schools' Production). We thought about how the puppets would move and how they would interact with each other - of course we began with drama games and ended with a pub social!


Molly ran a hilarious workshop on improvisation and comedic timing. We played some classic improv games, putting characters in ridiculous situations and learnt how to successfully improvise a scene that is fun for both the actors and the audiences.

Production Team

Our wonderful 2022 committee and other members of Production Teams (PT) across the year gave us an introduction to what it means to actually put on a show! From working with Backstage, rehearsals, producing, set design and costuming, we learnt some valuable skills and were well and truly impressed with all that it takes to put on a play in the first place. We even had a go at creating our own wild and wonderful ideas in small groups - so much fun!

Physical Theatre

Izzy introduced us to some wonderful Physical Theatre skills in our mini group, whilst another group played drama games. Both groups had a whale of a time exploring physical theatre and how movement can add to a performance. There were even some lifts and routines put together by the end!

Professional Workshops

Every year we have at least one workshop run by industry professionals. We’ve had great experiences and learned a lot every time. Previous workshops have included: monologues and duologues; exploring Shakespeare and much much more!

For any futher queries, contact our Vice-Chair, Libby (!