Here at Bath University Student Theatre (BUST) we have a social every week (sometimes more) and go for drinks every Wednesday! Whether it is a meal out, cheesy Moles club night, trip to see a local production, murder mystery, or a challenge night. You can even become an entirely social member if you like. Every social has sober options, and many are alcohol-free such as craft, board games, or movie nights. Socials are an amazing way to get to know people in the society. If you get involved with a production, they will also have cast socials, and overall BUST is an incredibly welcoming social society. COME JOIN US! 

We also have joint socials with Bath University Student Musicals Society (BUSMS) and there will be lots of opportunities to do competitions with them. 

The society will do its best and keep in guidance with government restrictions doing all they can. To find out about weekly socials, make sure to join the ‘BUST on facebook’ group on Facebook (it is private but someone will accept you in super quick!!). 

If you have any questions feel free to pop me (Darcy, our social secretary) an email: