Upcoming Productions

BUST Semester 2 Shows

Town Show: The Visit

By Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Translated by Maurice Valency

Dramaturg Sam Ellis Hunt, dir. Izzy Johns and Max Baker, prod. Luke Cannell

The Mission Theatre

32 Corn Street, Bath, BA1 1UF

2, 3, 4 March 2023 @ 7:30pm

One of the world’s richest people, Claire Zachanassian makes a visit to her former debt-ridden hometown of Güllen. She makes an offer to save the town from its dilapidated state by offering a sum of money that one could only dream of. However, it comes with one condition. Expelled from her town in disgrace as a teenager, Zachanassian seeks revenge over her ex-lover, Alfred Ill, and asks the Güllenites to kill him in return for one billion…

'The Visit', originally 'der Besuch der alten Dame' is a classic Swiss tragicomedy following the fallibility of post-WWII humanity. Do a town and its people who initially outright reject the absurd proposition, crumble under the pressure of corruption and wealth and commit the unthinkable?

Tickets to go on sale early February! Watch this space and our social media for updates.

March Show: Blodeuwedd: The Woman Made of Flowers

By Saunders Lewis

Translated by Joseph P. Clancy

Dir. Essie Williams with Darcy Winrow, prod. Nellie Gawne

The Weston Studio

23, 24, 25 March 2023 @ 7:30pm

Bath University Student Theatre showcase a modern interpretation of the dramatic and classic tale of
"Blodeuwedd - The Woman Made of Flowers". The world is cold and alien to Blodeuwedd who is trapped
in an unhappy and unnatural marriage to Llew. When she meets nobleman Gronw Pebr, she has a chance to escape
from her predestined fate. But first, Llew must die...

Saunders Lewis' well-loved play (English translation Joseph Clancy) tackles conflicts between love versus lust,
morality versus immorality, and loyalty to bloodline versus free will. 

Join us March 2023 in the intimate Weston Studio to be spellbound by the mystical world of Welsh "Mabinogi" myth, folklore, tradition and history.

Bath Fringe Festival

June 2023

Pitches for BUST productions to be performed during Fringe will take place in Semester 2. Production team and audition applications will follow. 

Rehearsals and the production will take place following Semester 2 exams, which all the society are invited to get involved in. 

Other Productions

Shakespeare for Schools': Performed to a local Bristol primary school in late March. This year's productions are 'Macbeth' and 'The Comedy of Errors'. Auditions and production team applications will happen early in Semester 2. All are welcome to be involved if you are not involved in another show.