At BUST we pride ourselves on providing a safe space for everyone to enjoy theatre and have a good time with friends. If you have an issue inside or outside of the society, please do speak to our Welfare and Inclusivity Officer, Max, or another committee member. We will deal with it within the confines of the society when possible and get the SU involved if absolutely necessary. Many of us have used this avenue in the past and vast improvements have been made as a result. Whether your issue is big or small, please make it known so we can address it and ensure your time in BUST is a positive one! We want to improve ourselves for the sake of everyone, so help us to do so!

We ensure confidentiality. No other member of the society will ever hear of what you tell us. Any issues will be dealt with quietly to ensure our members' safety and peace of mind. No one should ever feel out of place or unsafe here. We want everybody to be able to attend society activities and events without compromising their mental health or physical safety.

 If you have an issue do not hesitate to approach any member of committee either in person, email, or direct message! We will do everything we can to help you.

Weekly Drop-In Sessions 

Bi-Weekly drop in sessions will be held by our welfare officer every other week in an 8W room (more details will be posted on the Facebook page at the beginning of each week). These sessions provide a private space for you to talk to Max, you don’t even have to discuss the issue if you’re not ready yet. If you just need someone to give you a hug, that’s OK too! 

For any further questions on this please contact Max (mb3129@bath.ac.uk)!