Let’s start with a huge congratulations on getting into Bath University, or already being here, we can’t wait to meet you! Don’t worry if you’ve never acted before, we have plenty of members in your position who have since starred in many shows over the years, or if acting is not your thing, there are loads of opportunities to direct and produce shows. Despite being a society that puts on shows, our goal is to maintain a chill environment and welcome everyone with open arms. We have plenty of members who don’t participate in shows but love coming along to our weekly workshops and going to the pub afterwards for a good time!



  • Freshers week opportunities
  • Acting Opportunities
  • Production Team Opportunities
  • Workshops
  • Previous Show highlights


Freshers’ Week Opportunities

Given the current situation with COVID19, it is unclear what we’ll be able to arrange for you to try out in your first week, so keep an eye out on the official ‘Bath Freshers’ page for more information. Also make sure to follow our social media to see any updates as soon as we have them.

The main thing we know is that the SU is ensuring every society follows the government guidelines to the fullest extent, for your safety and ours. We should hopefully be able to cater something for everyone whether that be online, or socially distanced. As soon as we know more, we will be able to update you all.

Acting Opportunities

Our very first show of the year is reserved only for NEW members to BUST. This gives everyone a chance to make friends in a relaxed environment under the wings of a director who was in the same position as you last year. If you do not get a part, fear not, there are tonnes of opportunities and good times awaiting you! Our Christmas show is also cast at this time as well as Shakespeare for schools, a small show we perform to Year 4 at a Bristol Primary school. It is cast through one of our workshops, so you won’t have to worry about auditions if they terrify you as they do some of us. There are a total of 12 Shows throughout the year so there are lots of chances to score a part.

To find out more about these shows and how to get involved, take a look at our ‘Upcoming Productions’ page. For the most up to date info and to see what we’ve been up to, follow us on our Facebook @BustOnFacebook and Instagram @BustOnInsta.

Freshers show is your first opportunity to make a splash in BUST and it is open to EVERYONE who is NEW to BUST, NOT ONLY new to the university, so even if you’re second or third year, we would love to see you there! Last year, our Fresher’s Show was the classic family drama, ‘Time and the Conways’, written by J.B. Priestley and Directed by Max Gilliham and Nathan Trochet. You can watch the trailer here and find out more about it on the ‘Previous Shows’ page!

For our Freshers show this year we have the fantastic comedy drama, ‘I’ll Leave it to You’ by Noel Coward, directed by Jacob Morgan, a star of last year’s freshers’ show. Being in your position last year, he has a deep understanding of what makes this show special and will make this an unforgettable experience for those of you who take part. This is not something you want to miss!

If you are hoping to audition for any of our shows and want to know more about the audition or rehearsal process, check out their respective pages! Auditions for main shows are held at the beginning of each semester for which everyone is welcome, no experience needed! Rehearsals will last around 6 weeks with 4 or 5 rehearsal sessions per week, each lasting 2-3 hours, but it is unlikely you will be required for every single rehearsal. The final week is show week. Here you will have a dress rehearsal and 3 or 4 performances! Our shows take place in various venues: the 250 seat Alt Theatre and the 100 seat Weston Studio in the Edge on campus as well as the Mission Theatre and Museum of Work in the city centre.

Production Team Opportunities

For those of you who haven’t got the acting bug but prefer to build and shape a show from the shadows… there are plenty of chances to get involved. For each show we have a production team with at least 3 members; a director who has pitched their show at the end of the previous year; a co-director/assistant director and a producer. For larger shows, sometimes artistic director and co-producer roles are needed, depending on the size of the challenge. Applications for these will open “at some time a while before the show”. The director will usually ask for an application to include your skills and ideas you will bring on board. An example of a show application can be downloaded below. We have plenty of first time directors and producers, so never be afraid to apply due to lack of experience, we all have to start somewhere.


If you love theatre but don’t necessarily want to act in any shows there are plenty of opportunities to get stuck in and have a good time by just coming along to enjoy our weekly workshops. These cover tonnes of aspects, but don’t take things toooo seriously. The workshops take place every Wednesday at 7pm, lasting about 2 hours, after which we go to the pub for drinks.

The year will start off with some more fun and relaxed workshops playing theatre games before we get into the really good stuff such as puppeteering and stage combat. Members of our society prepare and run these workshops, so we keep them low key, not like any boring school lessons. We also have several workshops run by industry professionals each year to satiate the hunger to learn for those who can’t get enough.  

There is zero pressure to get involved with any productions, you can just come along to any of our socials to chat and have a good time with likeminded people. Following workshops every week, we all head to The Westgate for drinks where we reserve the upstairs seating area. Our goal is to welcome anybody and everybody into the theatre.

You can find out about some of last year's workshops and this year’s upcoming workshops on the ‘Workshops’ Page!

Let’s get to why you’re here, some highlights of our favourite productions over the past few years! For even more detail on these check out our ‘Past Productions’ page.