Welcome Freshers! Joining a new society can seem rather daunting, but once you get stuck in you will realise how much fun it is! It’s a great way to make new friends and just have a great time.

 If you are concerned about commitment or want to join other societies, don’t worry, that’s normal! We are happy if you are happy, so if you want to do one play a year, awesome; if you want to do as much as possible, just as awesome! During Freshers’ Week you’ll have loads of societies trying to grab your attention but remember you can always join a society later in the year.

We have plenty of events going on during Freshers Week and also have a Freshers Only Play (see below) to help you ease your way into the society. We also have a Freshers Integration social, so there's plenty to be excited for!

Freshers’ Play

This year the Freshers’ Play was  “Time and the Conways” by  J. B. Priestley. The play was a huge success, with a stella performance from the cast and directors.