Coronavirus: Latest Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest updates:

  • Wed 08 Apr 2020 14:03

    As Easter approaches, and the prospect of a 4 day weekend filled with baking, painting, reading and walking fills us with excitement and dread in equal measure, your Officer Team are still working hard to represent you and support you, and things are still moving forwards. We've got a few updates for you on accommodation, tuition fees and the No-Detriment policy. Please stay safe and stay home this Easter, and we hope you find time to rest and connect with loved ones

    No Detriment Policy Statement

    We have released another statement regarding the recent update from the University relating to the 'No Detriment Policy'. View this online here. 

    Living in Private Rented Accommodation?

    We are very aware that many of you living in the private sector may have significant concerns about your finances with so much uncertainty right now. Many of you will have already vacated your privately rented housing and headed back home. We want to call on landlords to be lenient and flexible during this time. Please view our latest update around private housing and take advantage of our template letter for landlords which we have prepared for you.

    Full update and template letter here >>

    Tuition Fees 

    These are unprecedented times that have and are having huge consequences on your personal wellbeing and your learning. With two rounds of industrial action and a pandemic that has resulted in all teaching to move online, uncertainty around assessments, graduations, your very future, we fully understand why you may be asking yourself: “Why am I paying for this?”.

    Activities Officer Francesco has put together a blog giving you a little insight into the work going on behind the scenes with regards to tuition fees, so take a look and keep connected as things progress. 


  • Fri 03 Apr 2020 13:30

    No Detriment Policy 

    Yesterday, the University released details outlining their ‘no-detriment policy’ which has been the topic of a collective lobbying effort involving our students, our student representatives and The SU. As your SU Officers we have issued a statement regarding the policy and our concerns about it which we urge you to read.


    We are committed to continue to lobby hard on the issues that students are raising to us at this time and appreciate you contacting us with your questions and ideas. 

  • Thu 02 Apr 2020 11:07

    No-detriment /Safety Net Policy 

    Yesterday, our President, Education Officer, Postgraduate Officer and student Senate rep circulated an email to Senate – the University’s academic governing body – communicating student views on “no-detriment” policies.

    They emphasised the need for the policy to give individual safety net assurances, not just cohort level, highlighted the potential issues with leaving the hardest-hit and most vulnerable students to submit IMCs to receive appropriate mitigation, and the need to prioritise student welfare and wellbeing as well as academic integrity.

    This remains a live piece of work for the Officer Team, and they will continue to work round the clock to get you a policy that gives you the reassurance you need that Covid-19 will not impact on your academic outcomes.

    What SU Officer life is like in the middle of a global pandemic

    Our President Eve and the President of Winchester SU Megan Ball have written an article together providing an insight into the experiences of SU Officers across the country right now. If you fancy reading a bit about how 20-somethings across the UK are navigating this global pandemic and trying to represent students to the best of their ability, you can do so here.

    National Express Tickets

    Due to the increased restrictions on travel and the associated impact on the demand National Express have decided to take the action of suspending all operations from 00:01 Monday 6 April onwards. The suspension of the network will be reviewed every week, and as soon as the opportunity emerges to safely and viably restart the network, then they will be grasping that opportunity.

    If you have pre booked tickets for after the 6 April you can amend your ticket to a different travel date in the next 12 months using this form. Or you can claim for a refund using this form.

    Sports Training Village 

    The STV have put up a page with all the latest news regarding gym memberships, you can view this here >

  • Wed 01 Apr 2020 13:20

    Living in University Accomodation?

    You can help support Bath’s hospitals – just by responding to your accommodation email NOW

    The University’s accommodation team really need you to reply to their email asking whether you want to keep your accommodation. The University is looking to help out our local hospital by providing space for key NHS workers, but to do that they need to know which rooms are available. Even if you have left stuff in your room, this can be safely stored until you can come back – they just need you to confirm that you are happy for this to happen. You’ll even save some money by doing this. So if you’ve not replied already, go into your Uni inbox, open and read the chaser, and reply to let them know. They have received replies from most students already, they just need you to do your bit to help the NHS.

    NUS Survey - Win £500 

    NUS (the National Union of Students) are running a survey to gather student views from around the UK on the current Coronavirus situation.  You could also win a cash prize of £500 just by taking part.

    By completing the survey it will better inform NUS’ asks of government and other authorities, and help identify discounts and products TOTUM can secure to help students in this new context.    

    Complete the survey by Friday 3 April for your chance to win £500.

  • Tue 31 Mar 2020 11:44

    First Bus - Update 

    Many of you will have purchased First bus tickets prior to the Covid-19 outbreak which you will no longer require. We have been in touch directly with First Bus to ask the question on your behalf with regards to potential refund or roll-overs. This is the response in full.

    “We fully appreciate that ticket holders are subject to the same restrictions on non-essential travel as the rest of us, and that the facilities at the University are now largely locked down. We do however continue to operate a reduced service for those that need it, and any partially used tickets are non-refundable in line with our Trading Terms. Unfortunately we are not able to freeze or ‘roll-over’ these tickets. Those with queries about tickets that have not been activated should contact our support team at (7am – 10pm, 7 days a week).

    These are unprecedented times for all of us, and we need to ensure that we are able to ride out the acute financial challenge that we in the bus industry face as our patronage dwindles to a small fraction of normal levels. Doing so will ensure that we can continue to serve the University when the crisis passes, and we look forward to resuming normal operations in the future, whatever normal may look like and whenever that may be.”

    We know this is not the answer you guys were looking for. We asked First what students could do if they were unhappy with the response, and they said to contact the mticket team on the email above, or you can call 03300 947 577 to investigate your options. We are ensuring the University continue to investigate more medium and long-term solutions to the bind we find ourselves in with a bus monopoly.

    Safety Net Policy 

    We're still working incredibly hard on communicating your views to senior management about your academic achievement and no-detriment/safety-net polices. There is a policy in progress and we have been kept abreast of the developments and our input has been sought. We expect and hope this policy to be communicated to you this week, and when it is we will be gathering questions from you all and getting answers from senior management so you can be reassured about the impact of Covid-19 on your academic achievement

  • Mon 30 Mar 2020 15:15

    The biggest topic on our agendas right now is ensuring the covid-19 circumstances don't disadvantage your academic achievement. We know there's loads of anxiety and apprehension around this. We hear you, we see you. We want what's best for you and are working as hard as we can to get solutions that protect you! It's frustrating for us to see the slow pace of the University on this topic because we know it's causing lots of uncertainty, but there's a lot to work through, and we'll do our absolute best to do right by you all.

    University of Bath Safety-Net Policy

    We are aware that many students are still concerned about the upcoming assessment period due to the changes that have been made as a result of the Covid-19. A petition is currently circulating which has huge numbers of students who are calling for the University to implement a Safety-Net Policy. These policies are cropping up in various forms across different universities, and they aim to ensure that the current circumstances don't disadvantage students academic achievement, recognising that for varying reasons, many students aren't able to study in the same way they would if the Uni was able to operate as normal.

    We have been having on-going discussion with the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching to ensure your views are heard and that a fair approach is taken, ensuring that the current disruption from Covid-19 will be taken into account. The university will be monitoring individual, unit and cohort results very carefully to best support students.

    The approach is going through final consultation and approvals (it is important that the University applies due diligence to all academic decisions and does not develop policy without approval). We are pushing for you to be informed about the outcome as soon as possible. So rest assured we hear you and we will do everything we can to support you through this. 

    Tuition Fees

    We're liaising with NUS on the work being done nationally around tuition fee compensation queries which is a complex area so we're investigating what work can be done on this and will update you when we know more.


  • Fri 27 Mar 2020 14:42

    You may be wondering what Officer life looks like for us currently - outside of pizza tutorials and making Somali Tea on Corona Community - with this ever changing environment we have found ourselves in. You may not be physically seeing us out and about and we may not be able to join you in The Plug for Weekend Warm Up, but please know we are still here, we are still working hard to represent you and ensure your needs are met, now more than ever! Here is a little oversight of some of the key things the Officer Team are involved in: 

    • Have daily calls with University Senior Management team for all the latest developments on the ongoing Coronavirus situation. 
    • Work with the University Communications Teams on key messages to be sent out to all students and continually emphasise the need for speed and transparency in all situations. 
    • In regular contact with the Accommodation and Hospitality team on how we can work together to support those students who are still on campus. 
    • Have set up multiple virtual meeting platforms to engage with particular student demographics including, Academic Reps, Hall Reps, Postgraduates and International students. 
    • Created an online community via Facebook which has over 3600 students connected. This is updated daily with workouts, quizzes, mindfulness activities and more. We are also enabling our student groups to use this platform
    • Working to ensure the financial sustainability of the Students' Union moving forward
    • Taking part in calls and webinars with other Universities and Students' Unions to compare notes and share best practice
    • Using NUS to collectively lobby on a national scale in the interests of students
    • Speaking to Student Services to ensure that adequate support is being provided at this time and is being supplemented in order to address concerns 
    • Ensuring that committee elections are still happening and that we are training and planning for next year 
    • Coordinating a local volunteering effort to help the vulnerable in our community
    • Working with SU staff to ensure we can still deliver some of our key events in a more creative virtual way. Such as Varsity, SU Awards, Education and Blues Awards
    • Supporting current committees and keeping them informed throughout this period

    So as you can see we are keeping busy, if there is anything you feel we should be doing more of, or communicating with you better, please do get in touch. 

  • Fri 27 Mar 2020 12:29

    Online Assessments and Examinations

    We appreciate that this is an incredibly difficult time for many of you and have taken on board all of concerns that you have raised with us. Yesterday, an email was sent by the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Learning and teaching addressing some of the apprehensions raised by students and clarifying the reason as to why the university took the decision to cancel on-site exams and replace this with online alternatives.

    This is a national issue, and many other universities have taken similar steps in terms of canceling on site examinations, and naturally, this raised a lot of queries from the students this affects. Rest assured, we are listening to your concerns are aware that the current circumstances are exceptional.

    We have seen other institution's implement varying degrees of 'no-detriment' or 'safety net' policies to support student success, and are really relieved to know that the University is actively considering what this could look like at Bath so that you are not disadvantaged by the current situation. In terms of mitigating circumstances, the university is looking into additional measures in which they can support students. This is an example of where your feedback is extremely useful.

    We are listening to your concerns and relaying them up to the university.

    What can we do as your SU?

    We will continue to support you.
    We will continue to work closely with academic reps to ensure that your feedback is listened to.
    We will continue pushing the university to keep you informed and updated as a matter of priority.
    We will continue raising your concerns and getting answers for you.

    We recognize that it is frustrating not to have any clear cut answers at this time and will continue to keep you updated. Departments are responsible for setting assessments, and should be liaising with academic reps through SSLCs. Therefore, if you have any course specific related concerns, please do contact your academic reps.

    Library Update

    You may have read that the main Library building has now closed. However, we are pleased with the decision to keep access to a few PC’s in the main Foyer for those on campus who really need it. They are spaced well apart, in line with government advice and the area also has 2 multi-functional printers available. To find out more about the library you can view their webpages here.

  • Thu 26 Mar 2020 13:40

    It's been an odd week to say the least. But it's important for us all to remember that the situation is temporary, and we still have a lot of things to be thankful for. We're using today to reflect and remind ourselves of the things that make us smile. I'm grateful for our incredible community. From pub quizzes to daily workouts, cooking tutorials to volunteering, seeing the different ways you've all been coming together during this time has been so heart-warming, and from everyone at The SU, we couldn't be more thankful. I’ve written a short blog to summarise some of my feelings.

    I hope this connects with you. Francesco xx

    Living in Halls

    For those of you living in Halls you will have been contacted yesterday by the University with the great news that if you are no longer occupying your room, you will not be charged for accommodation. To make sure you’re not charged, make sure you complete the form linked within your email.  We are delighted that our work on this area has resulted in this decision and are proud of Eve and Ruqia who were in the room as University Governors, when the decision was made. 

    On Campus

    For those of you who are still on campus. It is worth highlighting that the University are offering free food via the Lime Tree. They need to know who you are though, so to take advantage of this make sure you complete the online form here.

    Assessments / Exams

    Arrangements for assessments will be made on a departmental level, therefore the most relevant information for your course will come from your department. However, we are also acutely aware of the apprehension many students are facing with regards to their academic provision, and we remain committed to representing you on these and ensuring the University and departments provide swift solutions and reassurances to you. We're in constant communication with the relevant people, and are also keeping tabs on what's happening across the sector by talking to other Officers from other institutions. Currently, we are supportive of the University’s approach to replace the scheduled exams with more flexible assessment methods to ensure student progression and graduation, and we understand that the details of these will be communicated via departments in due course. We are pushing for reassurance to come from the University to address the concerns we're hearing from students.

  • Tue 24 Mar 2020 15:30

    I'm sure many of us are reeling a little bit from the Prime Minister's briefing yesterday, even despite the fact we've been expecting more stringent measures for a while now. It's so natural to feel anxious and uncertain but remember that the antidote to that fear is connecting with each other and focusing on the things that make us grateful and bring us joy. Our greatest strength is our student community, and you guys have shown it is stronger now than ever.?We at the SU are continuing to work round the clock to ensure all student needs are accounted for, so here's a rundown of the latest news for you all. 

    We know many of you will have multiple queries regarding accommodation. We are working with the University to provide you with the answers you need and hope to have an update tomorrow on the query of fee payment on University contracts. This is for both undergraduate and postgraduate University accommodation.

    Once that answer is in place the next step is speaking to the University about summer provision and what that looks like for those whose private rental contracts are ending and/or are unable to return home (closed borders, vulnerable family members, estrangement, refugee students)

    Other queries which we are looking to answer is what storage facilities are available, left belongings, and the option of students moving slightly closer together to avoid the feeling of isolation.

    Hardship Fund

    This is just another reminder that if you have found yourself in challenging financial times to please apply to the University Hardship Fund.

    Online Teaching 

    This is just another call out to ask you to feedback to your Academic Reps if you have any comments about online teaching. Being completely new to a lot of Academics and students its crucial we pick up any issues early on.  

    Community Volunteering 

    Several groups and individuals in Bath have developed different initiatives to provide support to those most in need. SU Volunteering are currently supporting Bath’s 3rd Sector Group (3SG) in coordinating these schemes to provide help and resources?to those in need. Take a look at our dedicated webpage for all the links you need.  

    Thanking Staff 

    We want to take the opportunity to thank members of the University staff community who are on campus ensuring the students who remain on campus are being looked after. 

    We also want to take the opportunity to thank all Academic staff who have been working so hard to enable students to continue their learning despite extensive changes happening on a short time scale.  We recognise that this period is difficult for everyone and are grateful for all the work you put into supporting students and delivering teaching content.  


  • Mon 23 Mar 2020 12:30

    Not much has change over the weekend but its worth us just highlighting the key messages below. As always make sur eyou contact the SU Officers if you have any worries that you feel we need to do more on. To keep your spirits high, join over 3000 other students in our Corona Community which has had an amazing response. 


    For those of you living in halls, we know there is great anxiety around what will happen going forward with rents. We are aware the final rent instalments are fast approaching and that some of you will have paid in full already. We are working with the University to ensure that feedback and decisions are made quickly, and we will update you as soon as we know more. The more voices we have asking the question will always help speed up a response, so please do contact accommodation to ask for updates and to share your individual concerns by emailing
    You can also feed back any issues directly to your Hall reps who will be able to collate them for you.  

    If you are living in the private sector and you are experiencing any issues with your landlord or living arrangements, please contact for advice. 

    Doctoral Students 

    Some of the latest news regarding closures of laboratories and research facilities will undoubtedly be causing you some concern. We want to make sure we are capturing all your worries and comments and feeding them back to the University. So if you’re not already connected, get on board with the Doctoral Microsoft Team that you will have been invited to. The code to join is: 1in95kd 


    You will probably have seen that following the latest Government announcement on Friday that the STV has now closed. We are aware that decisions around potential refunds and memberships freezes are happening and we will feedback as soon as we know more.  

    RAG Relief Fund  

    Bath RAG have started a campaign to fund projects happening in and around Bath to help vulnerable individuals in our community. This fund will provide support for elderly residents and food delivery services as well as other projects in and around Bath to ensure as many BANES residents as possible survive this crisis. Please give generously - 

  • Fri 20 Mar 2020 14:36

    Hi all! It is day 4 of isolation and we have seen such tremendous spirit and community. We have a number of changes around academics, housing and the creation of tailored communications to different communities that we encourage you to get involved with.

    Academic Issues 

    This is a difficult time for all of us during this transition to online learning and teaching. Ruqia (Education Officer) is working closely with the Pro-Vice Chancellor of learning and teaching to make sure that you guys get the education you deserve. We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and hopefully you will all soon hear updates regarding online examinations and assessments. Rest assured we are working with the University to come up with a solution that will work for everyone.  

    We are also working on making sure all final year students get a one-month extension on their dissertations given the way this semester has gone with strikes and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus.? Following the cancellation of the Summer Ball and uncertainty surrounding graduations, we will push for final year students to have an alternative graduation ceremony if the summer ceremonies won’t go ahead. Don’t worry we got you! Please do not hesitate to contact your Academic Rep if you have any concerns about your academic experience. 

    The government recently announced the cancellation of A level exams and there has been a lot of talk about using predicted grades. In response to this we are coordinating an open letter to the department of education highlighting our concerns. Predicted grades are not an accurate measure of academic potential and given that institutional racism lies at the core of our education system, a lot of BAME students and students from lower-socio economic backgrounds are under-predicted. We have a google form to collect stories and signatures so please do take a look. Stay tuned for updates. 

    PG Community  

    All postgraduates will be emailed today with a link to join our online Microsoft Teams group, here you can connect with each other and also feedback any specific issues or concerns you may be facing.  

    PGT Link – Join with code: k0o7w3e 

    Doctoral Link – Join with code: 1in95kd  

    For those of you on campus, don’t forget to join our mailing list for relevant comms.  

    If you're having trouble joining the groups, please email Jiani at? 

    International Students 

    Yesterday we set up an International Community Microsoft Team for international students to be able to come together to share experiences during this difficult time. We will be using this as one way to gather any concerns you have to feedback to the University to ensure that you are getting the information from the University you need. 

    You can join by using this code:  rnk0gt1

    We will be holding an online drop in through the Team on Tuesday 2 March 16.00-17.00 GMT.  


    We are very aware that many of you have several concerns regarding both on campus and off campus accommodation, ranging from rent refunds, contracts and?to how to get your belongings home. Rest assured we are collating all your worries together and working with the University Senior Management to ensure key communication and decisions are made as quickly as possible. We are aiming to get a set of FAQ’s specific to accommodation out next week. If you have any specific issues you want us to include in our discussions please contact Alisha 

    Hardship Fund  

    We just wanted to share the details of the Hardship fund with you again. Please do consider using this if you are having financial trouble since the outbreak. We are working with the University on increasing the pot of money to make this more accessible to more students.  


    We are still overwhelmed about how our Corona Community group is growing. The ideas and kindness that is being shown online is really something for us all to be so proud of.  

    We appreciate that there are still many of you in Bath and you may be having gatherings to say your goodbyes as many of you start to drift off home. We just want to ask you to still remain considerate for your neighbours who may be working from home, might be NHS or other key workers who still need to get up and go to work or have young families.  

    Don’t forget if you’re willing to help out where you can we have the contact card you can drop into vulnerable neighbours downloadable on our main page.  

    Chaplaincy support to our community 

    The University Chaplin Nigel is keeping the chaplaincy open, lit and warm, if any one does want to drop in. The water urns are on and the chairs are 2 meters apart.  The Chaplaincy is also the drop off for food for students leaving Bath. 

    Tins and Pasta – food bank – Southdown and Twerton churches. Perishable food is taken to Julian House 

    Nigel ( and his colleague Karen ( are also available on email, and out and about. They are always happy to arrange a conversation – phone, facetime, or a socially distanced meeting.  


  • Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:20

    Good afternoon everyone. We keep closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation at an SU, University, local, and national level – on our end, we have some updates to share with you. Your Officers are hearing your concerns and your questions and every day we bring those questions up to the University. The situation is fast-changing and ever evolving, and it has been incredible to see how many of you are adapting and contributing to these strange new times. We are particularly chuffed at how well our Corona Community Facebook group is growing and seeing so many of you coming together and sharing all you got for this community is really giving us the energy to keep going. 

    See below for the full update for today. We hope all of you are keeping well and that the situation is not impacting you too much.  

    Love and solidarity, The SU  

    New Opening Times for Campus Services (as of Today) 

    The Fountain Canteen, Polden Café and The Patch are closed.  

    STV Café: 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday; 09.00 to 15.00 Saturday and Sunday 

    Edge Café: 09.00 to 15.00 Monday to Friday; closed at weekends  

    Lime Tree: 11.30 to 18.30 All Week  

    4 West Café: 08.00 to 15.00 Monday to Friday; closed at weekends  

    Pitstop: 08.00 to 15.00 Monday to Friday; closed at weekends  

    Student Services

    Student Sevices now have a dedicated website detailinga ll the support you can offer. This can be found here >>

    Academic Issues 

    We are aware that many departments are trialling online learning for the first time and we are sure that many of you will be experiencing teething problems. We are advising you to contact your Academic Reps with any feedback you have so we can ensure this is fed back in the most effective way. Find your Academic Rep here >> 

    Still in Bath and isolated 

    If you are in Bath and isolated or feeling alone, please join our sign up so we can communicate with you directly and connect you to others in the same situation. Remember you can always contact any of the SU Officers for anything. Join here >> 

    Local Community  

    If you are fit and healthy and willing to help others, we have designed a contact card for you to print off and put through neighbours’ doors. If you have any other ideas of tools, we can provide to support you assisting others please do let us know. 

    BANES 3rd Sector Group are also on the hunt for volunteers to give a helping hand during the current Covid-19 outbreak. This can be anything from giving someone a phone call if they're lonely, helping out with groceries, or volunteering when there are staff shortages. If you're interested, please fill out the form here If you have any questions, contact

    Corona Community 

    If you’re not already connected to our Facebook Corona Community then join today. So far, we have had virtual workouts, virtual Score and the virtual Plug Quiz. We are overwhelmed about how our community has really come together.  

    Items to be returned 

    If you have anything that you need to return to The SU, please do this to the finance office before the end of the day on Friday 20 March, alternatively after this date you can contact any of our SU Officers and they will be happy to meet you on campus.

    SU Finance 

    Friday 20 March will be the last day that the SU Finance Office will be able to sell the National Express tickets as all staff will be working remotely.  So please get to campus as soon as you can if you want to get discounted tickets.  

  • Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:19

    Nightline Services 

    As of 18 March, Nightline will be operating a reduced service in the form of emails. We will aim to respond within 24 hours, and this service can be accessed by contacting

    We ensure confidentiality as per our confidentiality policy which can be found here. Additionally, specialist software provided by the Nightline Association is used which anonymises email addresses so contacts are anonymous.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and aim to resume normal service as soon as possible!

    Nightline Committee

    Islamic soc

    The Islamic society has decided to make the decision to shut the prayer room. This was a decisison that was taken with the full committee, the local imam, and the Bath mosque in town. 

  • Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:19

    Overnight things have changed quite rapidly again with the University announcing all teaching will be online until the end of the Academic Year. This has quite a significant impact on The SU with regards to the events we planned to run after the Easter break. Due to the lack of students physically being on campus because of this additional change, we have made the sad decision to cancel the following events: SU Awards, Blues Awards, Education Awards and the Summer Ball 2020.

    SU Awards We have had some outstanding nominations in over the last few weeks, and we are currently looking at ways we can still virtually reward students to ensure their achievements still get recognised. Groups do a vital job in creating the sense of community and inspiring change on campus, so please watch this space for updates.

    Blues Awards

    Blues recognises outstanding sporting achievements amongst a host of other things that clubs and athletes achieve over the year. Thank you to all those that applied for this years awards, the number of nominations was high with great applications to support them. The University Blues Committee met before the outbreak and have already discussed and agreed on the winners for this year. Information will be sent to all nominees to confirm if they have been successful or not, and we will be recognising these successes virtually in due course. Winners will also still recieve certificates and where relevant badges as well. 

    Education Awards

    Every year we are inspired to hear about individuals who are making a positive impact on students education here at the University. We are working with the University and looking at options to hold the Education Awards online, so we can celebrate the contributions of individuals and groups nominated for the 2020 Awards. Further details will be released soon.

    Summer Ball

    Cancelling the ball really was one of the toughest decisions we have had to make. The ball isn’t just a big party, for some it marks the end of their journey at Bath. It has real meaning and emotion attached to it and we are devastated our graduating students won’t have that opportunity to end the year the way we had planned. However, our plan is to work with the University and keep in the loop with regards to graduations and to look at ways we can potentially run a smaller scale graduate-only event at a later date. We will keep final year students updated with plans.

    Rest assured: full refunds will be given to all students who have purchased a ticket. Please note the refund process is a manual process and every ticket must be refunded individually, so with over 3,500 tickets sold, this will take a significant amount of time. We will try and get all refunds processed as quick as possible but please be patient as we have limited staff which is making the process even more challenging. We will be in touch directly with students who have bought a ticket.

    Part Time Workers

    We are aware that for some students who depend on part-time jobs that you may well be worried about the impact financially if you’re unable to continue with your work.  The University has a Hardship Fund that we would advise you to look at if you’re worried about your finances in the coming days, weeks and months. They can do the processes remotely, and we’ve received assurance from the University that there will be money found to boost the fund’s availability. For other queries and worries, you can email

    Corona Community

    Our community Facebook group has already got over 1,000 students connected, and we have already seen the Plug Quiz streamed live, a virtual workout for your bedroom and lots of amazing ideas to bring everyone together. Feel free to share ideas and help us keep spirits high.

    Still on campus?

    We are aware there are still many of you still in Bath or on campus. One important thing to highlight is that from Monday 23 March onwards, First will only be running a Sunday service on the U1 service. All other services to the University will be cancelled.  This is to factor in the downturn of the number of passengers travelling and to ensure they can keep the buses running with fewer drivers.

    If you are on campus and want us to give you direct communication relevant to you please join our mailing list.

  • Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:18

    Things have changed rapidly over night for The SU which has meant a lot of SU Staff are now working from home. We want to assure you that we are still here for you and will do everything we can to continue supporting you in the best way possible. Outlined below is an idea of what services are able to continue and what we will not be able to run. 

    The Plug & The Tub

    The SU bar is now closed until further notice, this was relation to the government advice around bars and mass gatherings.

    Advice & Support Centre

    The SU Advice & Support Centre is operating remotely. Contact us on & we can speak with you over email and video or audio call via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Our opening hours remain as 10:00 – 16:00, Monday – Friday.

    If your query is urgent please contact Student Services via or +441225 383838, they provide Wellbeing, Counselling and Mental Health, Money Advice, Disability and Immigration advice.

    Please also continue to use the Report and Support tool, which is another way of disclosing an issue you’ve experienced or witnessed and receiving support, or disclosing anonymously. Nightline will be operating their anonymous email service. Phone and messaging services have now been suspended indefinitely. The Samaritans service is continuing to be open, you can call them on 116 123, so please do contact them if you want a listening service during this time.  


    The Finance office will remain open as usual throughout this week – you’ll be able to purchase National Express Tickets from 10:00 to 16:00 as normal and staff will be able to help you with your queries. Please be aware that the Finance staff will not be accepting or handling cash, only card payments will be allowed. We’ll keep you updated with the opening hours moving forward


    We are working with the University on a range of issues you’ve raised, including a simplified method of getting answers for queries you may have. In the meantime, whilst we may not have the answers ourselves, you can contact any SU officers for signposting to support.

    We aim for our Academic Representation systems to continue as usual and will be working with our Academic Reps to get systems set up and in place as soon as possible. Our Officer and Staff teams will be continuing to liaise with the University over issues raised by Academic Reps (and others), throughout this period. If you have any problems with your course, we would encourage you to raise it with your Academic Rep. You can find your academic rep here. Any queries or if you are unable to find your academic rep contact


    Make sure you have joined our Facebook group for regular updates. We will be looking at hosting some online forums before Easter for doctoral students and postgraduate taught students so we can come together to discuss the current situation. If you have any issues affecting you particularly as a postgraduate student please email

    International students

    We’re aware that for members of the International Community, this is a particularly confusing time. Make sure you have joined our Facebook group for regular updates or our WeChat page @thesubath where we’ll be putting out any updates that affect our international community We will be looking at hosting an online forum before Easter so we can come together to discuss our experience. If you have any issues affecting you as an international student please email


    SU Sport will continue to support groups in the form of elections, committee handover and development, however all club activity has been suspended until after Easter. Further information on this has been sent round to committees.

    We will be working remotely to give you advice about the current situation, canceled events and trips and help student leaders where we can. We’re already making a start towards actions for 2020/21, please ensure that you’re actively checking your emails and responding with the necessary information.

    We’ll also be providing ideas towards activities that allow individuals to keep moving and keep smiling. The area is moving to an on-line service and encourage students to contact staff via

    More details for sports members here. 

    More details for sports committees here.


    SU Societies will still be on hand remotely to give advice and support for future events, committee handovers, and any elections news including results or by elections.

    As an SU, we want to encourage the community to continue to be active despite us not all being physically present so if you are running any online sessions, we can help you facilitate that. We’re still completely accessible via email so If you have any questions, please contact

    Franci, your Activities Officer is also working from home, but will be available for any queries at the Facebook account or at the email 


    We want to make sure that everyone is staying connected. If you’d like to run any virtual activities to help those that are self-isolating still feel part of the community, please let us know and we’ll happily help you to get the message out. This can be anything like a virtual yoga class, support groups, or just a place for like-minded people to chat.

    If you find yourself at a loss about what to do with all this free time, why not think ahead to next academic year? If you’d like help with any artwork ready for Freshers’ Week, we’ll still be on hand to guide you with this and approve any flyers or marketing material. Send anything through to

    We’ll be keeping you up-to-date with everything as we hear more, so make sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels.

    Any web enquiries can be directed to

    SU Jobs

    Any part time job vacancies will still be being advertised as usual so keep an eye on the webpage

    Peer Support / Skills Training

    If you have a Peer Mentor, you can contact them if you are unsure where to access support or need to talk to someone about the ongoing situation. We are working with PAL Leaders and Student Trainers to try running PAL and Skills Training Sessions online. Contact your PAL Leaders if you want to find out how sessions will continue. The Peer Support Team will be accessible via email on or if you cannot get in touch with your Peer Mentors, PAL Leaders or Skills Trainers or if you have any questions.


    We’re currently working with BANES to help any students who are able to help out within the community during this time, so if you are interested in volunteering in whatever way you can, please get it touch. For our volunteers on campus, we’ll still be able to give you all of our usual advice over email, including information on handovers, elections and any finance questions you have. We’re on hand at and although we won’t be physically present on campus, our working hours will stay the same.


    Transport – all fleet and MiDAS activities are suspended, the fleet is grounded, so all trips have been canceled

    Key activities

    We are continuing with the election period, so all committee elections will continue as normal, so please do take this opportunity to think ahead to next year and vote or get ready to stand in by elections which will follow shortly.

    Freshers’ Week Captain Recruitment is happening, and applications are open now. So please think ahead to FW20 and visit to apply.

    Summer Ball – The Summer Ball is currently still going ahead and tickets are on sale now. We are constantly reviewing the situation.

  • Thu 19 Mar 2020 16:17

    All SU events Canceled until after Easter. 

    With immediate effect, The SU has decided to cancel all SU events until after the Easter vacation to encourage social distancing and minimise the risk for our members, in response to the ongoing and evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    This approach will be continually reassessed as guidance develops and changes, and applies to both centrally SU-run events and those organised by student groups.

    We are aware of how disappointed some of you will be, particularly those who have worked so hard planning and promoting events; naturally we feel the same and this decision has not been taken lightly.

    The SU bar will remain open only to served drinks and food throughout normal opening hours, whilst there is sufficient demand and public health advice maintains that it is safe to do so. Heightened hygiene measures and other procedures are already in place.

    The SU will continue to carefully monitor the changing situation and will update guidance accordingly. Currently, tickets for Summer Ball remain on sale as the event is after Easter, but this will remain under review. Refunds will be available if we have to cancel the event.

    At present The SU is advising student groups to apply social distancing measures in their own social lives and other student group activity according to the World Health Organisation guidance and consider other ways of meeting and being in community with each other.

    If you have purchased any tickets for any SU central or student group events coming up before Easter, you will be contacted by the relevant area regarding refunds or potential postponement details. If you are organising any event, trip or tour you will also be contacted by the relevant area for support in how to move forwards.

    If you have any questions or need help with anything then please do not hesitate to contact the relevant team at:

    The mental and physical wellbeing of students and staff remains our main concern. We are continuing to work with the University during this time, ensuring all actions and decision are made with the University Community in mind. Stay safe, and look after each other.

    The SU Officer Team