Dress Code

This page includes the restrictions on dress and steps for competitions, as well as a list of recommended kit suppliers.

Clothes for Lessons

For lessons, we recommend that you simply wear comfortable clothes. Most people will wear a t-shirt (any kind, sports-made ones are better for sweat!), leggings or comfortable trousers, and trainers or dance shoes to lessons. Anything that you can move in is fine, and any sensible shoes should suffice, though of course purpose-made dance shoes are the best option. We do a bulk shoe order at the start of the year for anyone wishing to get dance shoes. 

Clothing for Competitions

Beginners and novices at competitions are restricted in the clothing they can wear. This means no sequins and sparkles, and is done to level the playing field, and prevent new dancers having to buy their own purpose made dancewear. The dress restrictions can be found here, and are summarised below:
-Plain white/block colour shirt (commonly white for ballroom and black for latin)
-Tie or bowtie (Ballroom only)
-Black suit trousers
-Plain waistcoat (optional, ballroom only)
-Plain dress, skirt and top, or black suit trousers and top
-For ballroom, skirt should be at least knee length and shoulders should be covered
-For latin, skirt is commonly above the knee, and shoulders may be uncovered. No dancewear branded clothing is allowed (aside from shoes)

Intermediate and advanced dancers are not limited by dress restrictions at competitions, which generally means lots of sequins and sparkles! The club has a number of dresses (and a limited amount of menswear) available on a first-come first-served basis, or you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Team events have unrestricted dress for all levels, meaning that even beginners get to enjoy the sparkles!


Recommended Suppliers

At the start of each academic year, the club places a bulk order of dance shoes with IDS (International Dance Shoes), allowing it to obtain a significant discount for members. Members are encouraged to purchase their shoes through the club like this as it results in significant savings!
If you want to purchase shoes, clothing or accessories later in the year, some of the suppliers below may be of use to you.
Dance Shoes Online
Topline Ballroom
Freed of London