Freshers Week 2021

Below you can find out all the details of our events happening throughout Freshers Week!

Sequence Dancing

Tuesday 29th September, The Edge Dance Studio, 12-1pm
Our first sequence dance of the year! A great way to meet new people or get to know your new housemates, with an easy-to-learn dance that requires no previous dance experience.

Sports Day

Wednesday 30th September, The Parade, 11am-3pm
We're at Sports Day! Come and say hello to us, or watch some demos of our dancing! We'll be there all day so make sure you pay us a visit!

Taster at Dartmouth

Friday 1st October, Dartmouth Avenue, 6pm
Perfect for absolute beginners to dancing, our first taster of the year will give you an idea of what to expect from our lessons. Held at the new dance studio on Dartmouth Avenue, you'll get the chance to check out the off-campus venue! We'll also escort on-campus students down to Dartmouth Avenue by bus, so don't worry about finding it on your own!

Social Dancing

Friday 1st October, Dartmouth Avenue, 7pm-9pm
Our first social dancing of the year! Open to all, members and non-members, this is a great chance to try out our weekly social and meet returning and new club members!