One of the major parts of Latin and Ballroom life is competitions!
We go to many competitions across the country, taking part in friendly competitions as well as regional and national ones.
There are several different levels you can compete at, where you compete against people of similar dancing ability. The beginner level is specifically for people who haven't competed before, so don't worry if you've never danced before university!
Below is our schedule for 2022-2023!

The Competitive Calendar 

Autumn Mock Comp

October 29th 2022
A small, internal competition within BULB. Mock Comp is a fun way to experience the way competitions are run, and spend the day with your fellow club members. It's great to see how much everyone has learned already, and practise those team chants!

Southampton Friendly

November 6th 2022
The first inter university competition of the year is the Southampton Friendly. This is a smaller competition, where usually only a few universities attend. It's a perfect opportunity to get used to how competitions are set out and meet people from other universities.

Bath Winter Friendly

November 26th 2022
This is our home competition! Held in Founder's Hall and organised by your fantastic committee, Bath Comp is not to be missed! The home team traditionally brings a massive representation, and it's right on your doorstep!

Birmingham Friendly

January 28th 2023
This is held by the University of Birmingham in the beautiful Aston Webb Great Hall. It provides a chance for everyone to enjoy themselves and stretch their dancing muscles after exams.


February 11th 2023
SUDC is the Southern regional university championships. It is the second largest competition of the year, with over a dozen universities competing from across the South of England and Wales.


February 25th 2023
IVDC is the biggest event of the year! This competition brings together all of the university latin and ballroom clubs in the country, and over 1000 students compete to be the best at Latin, Ballroom, and Rock'n'Roll. IVDC is hosted in the stunning Winter Gardens in Blackpool, which has been home to all of the famous names in dancesport over the decades, and is an experience not to be missed. Last year, Bath managed to snag 2nd place in the country comparing overall results!

Bristol Friendly

March 11th 2023
Bristol Friendly is another local competition, where dancers get a preview of competition at the next level- the format of the competition is all shifted by a tier.