Training Times

There are several training sessions each week available for all club members.  These include structured competitive practices, aimed at preparing you for upcoming competitions, as well as independent practise sessions where we provide you with music and a floor to dance on.  

Additional practices are booked weekly in the Edge Dance Studio by the committee and club members. We operate a shared hours policy where we ask that members share any extra training times they book with the rest of the club, to ensure everyone has fair access to the dance studio. The times of these practices can be found by checking the club calendar or our Facebook page.

Office Hours

Office hours are when experienced members of the club spend an hour or two watching lower level dancers and helping them to identify and fix their mistakes on an individual basis. These sessions are organised and advertised on Facebook, the club calendar, and our weekly newsletter. They are typically advertised about a week beforehand. Don't be afraid to sign up!

Social Practice

-Thursday/Friday (Semester 1/Semester 2) 18:30 till 20:30 - Claverton Rooms/1W Foyer

Open Practice

-Saturday 14:00 till 16:00 - The Edge Dance Studio

Practice is often also  available prior to and after lesson times. Please enquire with a member of committee for weekly availability.