Committee 2022 - 2023

Chair - Claire Spouse

Hi, my name’s Claire(she/her) and I am your chair for the year! I’m a 3rd year Chem Eng student, except when climbing calls and I “forget” about that part of uni. I enjoy anything outdoors, mainly opting to trad climb whenever the British weather allows. Given that this is not very often, you’ll be able to find me falling off routes in TCA or in the pub on a Thursday with the rest of the club. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, I can probably find someone capable of answering them!


Secretary - Hugh Sanderson 

Hi, I’m Hugh(he/him), 3rd year PhD student and the club secretary for the year. This is my 3rd year on the committee and my 7th in the club. I can’t remember why I joined but this place is a cult, you can’t leave, you have been warned. As the club secretary my main duty is to make sure the SU looks squeaky clean regardless of any antics we may be up to. But I also get to do fun stuff like take minutes and deal with insurance. This year the secretary role has been expanded to include the duties of the Welfare and Inclusivity officer. Outside of that, you can catch me down at TCA living my best punter life.


Treasurer - Grace Darcy 

Hi everyone! My name is Grace (she/her), I'm a second-year Maths and Computer Science student and your club treasurer this year. I joined the club because I wanted to climb but ended up really enjoying walking too! I started bouldering in late 2021 and very quickly got converted to the joys of trad climbing. At the weekend, you can often find me stuck up a cliff or falling over while hiking (You can also find me at the pub socials on Thursdays). I usually climb in bristol on Wednesdays and Saturdays so if you see me feel free to say hi!


Media Secretary - Amy Goncalves 

Hi, I'm Amy (she/her), a third-year Architecture student and this year's Media Sec! I love spending time in the mountains, by the sea, in the pub, and pretty much anywhere that's not the Architecture studio. I've been climbing for a few years now, and over this time I have mastered the ability to complain about how short I am and, in turn, how tall everyone else is, with little concern for how irritating I'm being. It truly is an art form. I also dabble in ultra running when I can find the time. Through my role on the committee, I want to create a space where everyone feels welcome and supported by showcasing our awesome members in all that they do.


Gear Secretary - Alex Everest 

Hi, I'm Alex Everest(he/him), a 4th-year IMEE student and this year's gear sec. I am a very outdoorsy person and I do a lot of mountaineering and water sports. I have been climbing for a few years but didn’t properly get into it until I joined the club. Before being a climber, I spent time sailing and mountain biking. I have been on the committee before as a climbing sec in my second year. As someone that is interested in all aspects of mountaineering, I spend a bit too much time checking and sorting climbing gear, so being in charge of a whole store full is great!


Social Secretary - Alesia Vallance 

Hey! I’m Alesia(she/her) and will be your social sec for the next year. I really love adventures, especially those involving climbing, hiking, and swimming. Most important for me is getting my friends involved in the activities I love. I started climbing when I was around 15 and it instantly became a huge part of my life, despite my huge fear of falling! I see myself as quite a friendly and approachable person and am keen to create a great community in BUMC. I think it is super important to help integrate all the different sports we offer and welcome all our new members. Sharing skills and learning from each other is one of the best parts of this club and I want to help strengthen this. Climbing can definitely seem like a daunting sport to join and I want to make it as easy and accessible as possible! 


Climbing Secretary - Nathan Strange 

Hi, my name is Nathan(he/him) and I’m a third-year mechanical engineering student returning from my placement year in Pembrokeshire. I’ve been a climber in various forms for the last ten years and spent the last year in Pembroke honing my trad skills which I’m excited to bring back to Bath. If I’m not climbing, you’ll find me in the pub, daydreaming about surfing or maybe even falling off a skateboard. My goal for this year is to help as many people as possible touch rocks. Being around such a large group of psyched climbers at uni reinvigorated my love for climbing, meaning I now spend as much of my time as possible climbing outside. 


Climbing Secretary - Thomas Hodges 

Hello, I'm Thomas(he/him)! I'm from Hong Kong and a second-year Mechanical Engineering student. I've been climbing for 8 years now mostly indoor bouldering. If you wanna find me there's a good chance you will run into me at the TCA Moon board or at the library studying. Feel free to reach out if you wanna climb, I'm always looking for new people to climb with!


Orienteering Secretary - Robin Regan 

Hi, I'm Robin(he/him), a second-year management student and one of the orienteering secs for this year. My experience involves two orienteering races in the past 10 years and getting lost enough on a trail race abroad to end up running the wrong way through the finish line, the course was marked so good luck.


Orienteering Secretary - Reuben Strickett

Hi, my name’s Reuben(he/him). I’m a second-year architecture student, and one of this year’s two orienteering secretaries. When I occasionally escape my second home in the studio, you’ll most likely find me running, climbing, playing guitar, or generally socialising with anyone who’s free. Coming from London I haven’t exactly grown up in the holy grail of mountaineering… nevertheless, I have always had an affinity for the outdoors which has only grown since coming to university. I’ve gone from the average family hiker and indoor boulderer to winter mountaineering in Scotland, and happily leading some (admittedly easy) trad climbs. This coming year I hope to continue that trend by competing in orienteering events and pushing my climbing further.


Walking Secretary - Ollie Howel 

Hi Everyone, I’m Ollie (he/him), a Second Year NatSci (Environment, Physics, and Chemistry) and a Scorpio if that floats your boat, but what do horoscopes mean anyway? I like walking, which might be necessary for this year otherwise I’m into baking (walking is another excuse to eat cake), cycling, and Scandi Soc. So, my ambitions for this year are to share my passion for ‘friluftsliv’, a Scandinavian word meaning open-air life or fresh-air living. It is about bringing the outdoors into your daily life, whatever the weather. I hope to welcome new and existing members into walking so we can all experience the best parts of this way of life.


Walking Secretary - Adam Parsons 

Hi, I'm Adam (he/him), a second-year Civil Engineer and one of this year's walking secs. I've been in the BUMC for a year now but have been walking and hiking for a lot longer than that. ve always loved all things hiking. I spend time on Dartmoor and the South West Coast Path as often as I can. I wanted to continue this at uni as well as start climbing (might need to put a bit more effort in this year though!!).