PAL Assisted Problem Solving!

Vincent Wang talks about how being a Language PAL leader helped him improve his organisation and presentation skills.

I had a great time being a Chinese PAL leader. Different from classroom teachings, the Language PAL scheme ensures a relaxed learning environment where leaders and attendees treat each other as equals. I've found this to be particularly helpful, as attendees are encouraged to ask more questions and express their opinions, which helps PAL leaders to make the sessions more tailored.

Throughout my time as a Chinese PAL Leader, I’ve improved my organisational skills and presentation skills. My favourite part of being a Language PAL leader is the creative freedom you have, where you come up with new activities each week to fit attendees’   needs. Additionally, it was a fulfilling experience to exchange insights with attendees and learn from their perspectives on cultural topics. 

Being one of the senior PAL leaders helped me to develop my leadership skills and problem-solving skills, where I had the chance to work closely with the SU to support Language PAL leaders as well as help develop the Language PAL scheme.  

- Vincent Wang, BSc(Hons) Economics