PAL Schemes 2021/22

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PAL sessions currently take place in the following courses. You can find out when your sessions are on your timetable. 

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Is your course not on here? You can speak to the Peer Support team to see if it possible to introduce PAL in your department. 

Department Unit / Programme PAL attendees PAL leaders
Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences  S1 & S2 - Full programme first years second years
Chemistry S1 & S2 - Full programme second years final years
Computer Science S1 - Unit CM10227: Principles of programming 1 first years second years
S2 - Unit CM10228: Principles of programming 2 first years second years
Pharmacy S1 & S2 - Unit PA20322:  Preparing for professional practice 2 second years final years
Physics S1 & S2 - Full programme first years second years
Politics S1 & S2 - Full programme first years second years
Psychology S1 & S2 - Full programme first years second years
second years final years