About Us


The University of Bath Trampoline Club was founded almost 20 years ago and moved to the STV Jumps and Throws hall in 2005. Our committee and coaches are dedicated to working with all of our members to learn and perfect skills, as well as improving the club as a whole.

Trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport accessible to all levels and all ages. It involves performing a variety of acrobatic skills, from shape jumps and twists to multiple twisting somersaults. The club offers coaching for all abilities, from total beginners onwards and obtained the Inclusivity award for the academic year 2015/16.  We have a brilliant coaching team of student and alumni volunteers, and we can cater for national performers through our links with Team Bath Evolution Trampoline Club who train alongside us.

We hold regular training sessions open to everyone, or alternatively, just show up for a session and join in! All of our sessions have British Gymnastics qualified coaches and all the necessary safety equipment is provided. The club is fully insured and all of our members have additional personal accident insurance.

In addition to training sessions and competitions, we also hold a wide range of social opportunities – contact our Chair Izzy for more information!  We also get together for the Snowball as well as host our annual Christmas and End of Year meals for a chance to dress up a bit.