Coaches 2020/21

Coaches attend every session so you'll learn plenty of new things. We have coaches able to teach at different levels and encourage any of our members to take coaching courses (subsidised by the club).

If you are interested in coaching, talk to our coach and kit coordinator Lucy (

Current Level 1 Level 2 L3 Module 1 + M2 + M3 + M4 + Generic =Level 3 Performance High Performance
Previous Level 1 Level 2 Club Senior Club High Performance

Senior Club Coaches

Able to teach Doubles, Fulls, Rudis, 1+3's; 

Emily Purpuri


UKCC Level 3 Coaches

Able to teach Level 2 coach skills plus those up to their highest module qualification.

Module 1: 1 1/4 somersaults to and from body landings, i.e. ball-outs, codys, 1 1/4 fss and 1 1/4 bss
Module 2: multiple twist single somersaults, i.e. full, rudi, double full, 1/2 to 3/4 fss (s)
Module 3: 1 3/4 somersaults, i.e. 1&3s
Module 4: double somersaults, i.e. half out (t/p), double bss (t/p/s)


Katie Holmes

Niamh Andrews


UKCC Level 2 Coaches

Able to teach up to front/back somersaults (T,P,S); baranis (T,P,S); 3/4 Front and Back Somersaults (S)

Lucy Sharpe

Eleanor Collett

Rachel Thomas

Currently on placement

UKCC Level 1 Assistant Coaches

Able to teach basic body landings up to forward turnovers and can assist other coaches:

Tim Buttanshaw

Jess Leung

Jonny Butler

Joanna Young

Kate Rafferty

Currently on Placement

Ellie Diamond

Merry Chamen

Judges 2020/21



We also have qualified judges that help out at competitions, with you guessed it, judging! Apart from being paid in sweets there are many other perks to this.

If you are keen to taking a course, speak to one of the committee and we'll help you to sort it out. You can still judge at Uni comps without the qualifications though and can benefit from the free food! 

Club and County Level Judges


Niamh Andrews