The South West England Student Trampoline Festival, or SWEST, is a fun-packed 4-day training camp that allows students from various trampoline clubs to get together with experienced coaches and train at the end of university year. Every night there is a great social to help everyone to unwind and get to know each other. In 2018 we were joined by guests from Bristol University Trampoline Club and Plymouth University Trampoline Club, as well as coaches Emily Purpuri, Pete Cracknell, Mark Percival, Patrick Harper, Ryan Hylands, Sophie Smith and Ben Trebble.

The 2018 event was held here at Bath and everyone had a great time! The camp started off with training followed by a tight n' bright themed trip to the roller disco. Then it was back to training all day, where similar ability participants were put into groups and allocated coaches who focused on them for the duration of the camp.  Campers were also able to use the rig and to try out DMT! This was followed by a meal and bowling, allowing everyone to get to know each other.

Our final day of training saw the trampolines used during the morning, before we headed off for our golf themed final evening (fancy dress was compulsory, of course). This started with a round of mini golf, which saw some interesting golfing techniques. Next we grabbed a bite to eat before starting our tour round Bath's pubs for Pub Golf. The evening ended with us heading to a nightclub for a final night of SWEST fun!

The camp finished off with the traditional but friendly mini-competition event, which saw participants showing off what they had been working on in individual routines. We also had fun in a quick round of Russian roulette synchro. 

Finally, the camper of the week, decided by the coaches, was awarded. This year the award went to Elise Smith for her effort and achievement throughout the week! 

SWEST was a fabulous event, everyone learnt something new, improved their trampolining, and had a great time whilst doing so. Unfortunatley SWEST has not been held for the past two years. but we will be working hard to bring it back in summer 2021!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our commitee @su-trampolining@bath.ac.uk