University of Bath
Trampoline Competition


The Trampoline Club holds a fun and friendly annual competition, which is usually held the first Saturday of December. Students from our club, as well as those from other universities around the country, attend Bath Comp to compete in a relaxed setting. In 2019 we had a fantastic weekend with almost 450 entries, our most successful competition yet! 

Whether you are a complete beginner and you have just started trampolining or you are a national competitor, everyone is welcome to compete regardless of which level of ability you are! The competition categories are SUTL 7 (Novice) - SUTL Elite, so anybody and everybody can join it!

At the end of the day, time permitting we would plan on holding Russian Roulette Synchro which is always a hit and so much fun! Randomised partners are generated and you both try to compete the same routine (the set routine of the lowest level in that partnership) as a Synchonised Pair. This is a fab way to finish off the competition day as it's great fun and really entertaining to watch. 

Once again, this year Bath are hosting a competition near the beginning of December for the Southern Universities Trampoline League (SUTL)We will use their routines for the competition, and as a SUTL affiliated club, we hope you will help us get POINTS POINTS POINTS! There are also, of course, the coveted Bath Comp medals which are up for grabs!

Once all the hard work and competing is over, the day ends with food and preparations for an awesome night in the SU with all the tramps! The theme for the night is yet to be decided, but we will keep you posted :)

So why not give competing a go, come along to Bath Comp, and have a great day of jumping followed by a great night!

Any questions? 

Email your Events Coordinators, Anna Burnston and Marina Nicholls:,