Welcome to the social side of Trampolining at Bath...

It is a well known fact that Bath Tramps know how to party. Between all the fun we have managed to pass down the legacy of organising the tramp socials to our new commitee! 

The social side of Trampolining is great at training, between each person's turn on the trampoline, you get to chat to everyone. And to ensure that everyone definitely becomes great friends we plan to hold a bunch of socials! Check out the photos from previous socials for a small insight into the great times we have had over the past years with way more fun to be had in the coming year!!

The socials come in a range of forms to cater for everyone, whether it is:

  • a tramps night out
  • a competition social
  • a food social (The Christmas Meal, End of Year Meal, Pudding social and more!)
  • a trip to a trampoline park
  • a hilarious rollerblading attempt at roller discos
  • And of course, ISTO (Tramp Tour!) and SWEST (Tramp Camp!)

We plan on holding a social most weeks, alternating between socials in town and socials on campus to make sure as many people as possible can get involved! Details of all things Tramps related can be found on our Facebook Group

So why not join Bath Tramps and make some new memories this year!