The Irish Student Trampoline Open (ISTO) is the most talked about trampoline event of the year. It comprises of 4 nights of hilarious and fun-filled antics, plenty of drinks and LOTS of fancy dress (of course)! Combine this with 3 days of trampolining, over 600 trampolinists and it’s definitely not one to miss!

In previous years, ISTO has been held in various places throughout the Rep. of Ireland and Northern Ireland including Belfast, Lisburn, Dublin, Cork, and in 2022, Galway.  As a club, we will either fly or travel by coach to get there on the Thursday evening and stay in a hostel for the weekend.


As soon as we get there, the fun starts!

The first social on the Thursday night is a ‘Meet and Greet’ social where we will meet all the other tramps who have travelled across the waters for this must-do event. Of course there will be a social on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night as well!

The socials make sure that we are suitably 'prepared' to start the weekend of competing off...

On Friday afternoon we will have a couple of hours to train, test out their trampolines, and get everyone ready to compete over the next couple of days. The Novice competitors will also compete on Friday, kick starting a weekend 'serious' bouncing. Saturday is then a full day of competing, where everyone else will compete. And finally, Sunday is the ‘fun day’ full of synchro, tumbling, DMT, and an inflatable obstacle course!

After each day of competing, there will also be some free time each evening for us to do a little sight-seeing, buy fancy dress outfits, and prepare for the nights ahead.

This year we are also looking to fundraise for ISTO so that as many people as possible can go on tour.. We want to make sure that every tramp has the opportunity to experience the awesome-ness that is ISTO!!

More information will be given out at training, and by email, so watch this space!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone on commitee or you can email us

Let’s get ready for TOUR TOUR TOUR!!