Group Rehearsals

All rooms booked by the society will be accessible to all society members automatically on their library cards, so long as they have bought society membership. Please note that for all rehearsal bookings, you MUST have a society risk assessment in place to use the space.

Please read our user guide carefully, This includes rules for use, instructions on how to use the online portal, and information on accessing rooms.

The Edge Societies Guide 2022/23

Regular Rehearsals

SU groups and societies book all of their regular rehearsals during semester 2 of the previous academic year. You should be given details of your bookings as part of your committee handover. Find out more about this process here

Please check this calendar carefully, as some regular rehearsals may have been moved or cancelled to allow for shows and events to take place, or due to university holidays. 

Ad-hoc rehearsal bookings

Societies can also book extra ad-hoc rehearsal time throughout the year. Each society can nominate 2 designated room bookers from their committee, who will be given access to the Agora room booking portal for societies.

Agora Society Room Booking Site

Rooms are available for hourly bookings for a maximum of up to 2 hours per day, 6 hours total a week.

Rooms may be booked between 2 hours and 2 weeks in advance.

Rooms MUST be booked under the name of the society, not the individual society booker

If you would like more additional rehearsal time than the limits allow, either because you need a longer session than usual or need extra practice time (e.g. ahead of a performance), please do get in touch with the SU Arts Team and we will help you with this.

Society Designated Bookers

Your 2 society bookers will be able to access Agora to make bookings on behalf of the society. Designated bookers should coordinate to ensure that they do not go over the time limit for ad-hoc society bookings, as this may result in your Agora access being revoked

To nominate society bookers please send their names, committee position and username to Bookers will receive a confirmation email when they have been given access to Agora and should follow instructions in the Societies Guide on how to use the platform.