Running Shows and Events

Societies and affiliated groups will book their shows in our Edge Theatre and Weston Studio in semester 2 of the previous academic year, these will be confirmed by the SU-Arts Team in the summer before the new year begins. Due to high demand for our spaces, we cannot guarantee ad hoc bookings in these spaces throughout the year, we will try our best to accommodate but we'd also encourage groups to consider alternative spaces such as our Event Space and foyer! 

Activities could include workshops, taster sessions, open mic events, and exhibitions. Please get in touch with us at with any ideas and to book.

Full details on the show processes and how to fill in all forms can be found in our guide. Please read this carefully when planning an event. Please note: we are updating this guidance for the 2023/24 academic year and hope to have this published by September.

The Edge Societies Guide 2022/23

Edge Forms

Check the steps below if you are unsure which you need for your event.

Edge Ticket Form Edge Event Information Form

What you need to do

If you are holding a show or other event at the Edge, you will need to follow this process. Please note that any event which does not follow all the steps below may be cancelled. Please leave plenty of time ahead of your event to make sure everything is done.

  1. Make sure you have a booking for the space
  2. Complete an Event Planner
  3. If you will need technical for your event, you can organise support by booking EITHER Backstage OR one of the SU's casual technicians. 
    • Backstage (BTS) is a student society whose members are interested in all things event tech, and help collaborate on and support many student shows. They will generally charge a flat production rate per event. Find out more about booking here
    • Casual Technicians are hired by the SU Arts team to provide technical support on events. As they are hired on a casual basis, the process is much less collaborative than with BTS, but they can facilitate your requirements as needed. Casual techs are charged by the hour. Get in touch with our Facilities & Technical Manager, Chris Lyon ( to book a casual tech.
  4. Complete a Risk Assessment if this event is not covered by your generic Risk Assessment.
  5. Complete EITHER an Edge Ticket Form OR an Event Information Form.
    • The Edge Ticket Form should be used if you would like to sell tickets as part of your event. This should include all shows in The Edge and Weston Theatre.
    • The Event Information Form should be filled in for all other events in the Edge, except for rehearsals or other regular bookings.
  6. Book a drop-in with the SU Arts Team to discuss your event.  This can include discussing processes and paperwork, checking in to make sure you are on track, discussing scheduling, or any post-event feedback. If you are holding a show, please book a drop-in the week before. We suggest inviting Backstage to this meeting if you are working with them.

Book an event drop-in

Book an Event Drop-In

Please use the link above to book an event drop-in. We highly recommend you do this around a week before your event. This lets us chat with you ahead of your event to make sure everything is on track. Please invite Backstage if they are helping with your event.

You can book an event drop-in any time, not just leading up to an event. We're happy to discuss ideas you are planning, answer questions, or help you in the earlier stages of the process.

You can also get in touch with us via email at or find us in The Edge office on level 2.