Edge Access and Storage

Room access

All rooms booked by the society will be accessible to all society members automatically on their library cards, so long as they have bought society membership.

When you have a booking, library card access to the room will automatically work for this time period for all of your society members. If you find this isn't working, make sure the person trying the door has checked:

  1. They bought society membership over 1 week ago (the system may take time to update)
  2. Their SU Bath website account uses their bath university email (not a personal email)
  3. They don't have bookings simultaneously or one after the other (e.g. an individual booking at the same time as a society booking)
  4. They are trying at the correct booking time

If several people have tried the door and cannot get in for your society practice, call into The Edge office or call Security (if outside of office hours). Please do report issues to us, as this means we know we need to fix something!

Accessing Storage and Keys

If your society has a storage space in the Edge, you will need to access the key in the TRAKKA cabinet by the stairs. To get access, please fill in the below blank spreadsheet with the details of all committee members who need access and email it to su-arts@bath.ac.uk. Access is cleared at the end of each year.

TRAKKA Key Spreadsheet

If your storage is in one of our practice rooms and you need to access it outside of society practice times, you will need to contact us so we can arrange a time around other bookings in the space. If you believe you need permanent door access to any space, please get in touch with us to arrange this.