SU Arts: Boost Your Creativity

Inspired by the work of the Student Trainers, SU Arts brings you a series of creative activities that can be done in your own time to de-stress, challenge your brain and allow you to unwind in the build up to exams.

Boost Your Creativity - Monday 19 April - Friday 7 May

Inspired by the work of the Student Trainers, SU Arts brings you a series of creative activities that can be done in your own time to de-stress, challenge your brain when it comes to revision techniques techniques and allow you to unwind in the build up to exams. You can do these activities any time, any place. Draw upon them when you need them most, with no rules and no pressure. Keep an eye out for new tips, tricks, ideas and activities to help tap in to your creative mind and reap the benefits in your studies.

If you have any ideas of workshops that aren’t listed below we’d like to hear from you! Contact us on and tell us your ideas. For more info on what’s on elsewhere around the SU click here

Craft Kits

Wind down and take time for yourself with SU-Arts free Craft Kits! Take a look at the selection below, order yourself a kit and come collect it on Monday 17th May 12:00-14:00.

Colouring Books

SU Arts are offering a free mindfulness colouring book, perfect for winding down after a long exam! Reserve yours now. Limited books available.

Click Here To Order Yours

Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Have a breather and learn to make your very own stylish Macrame Wall Hanging! Collect your supplies, download the following instructions pdf: instructions pdf and have a ‘Crafternoon’ all to yourself.  

Are you new to Macrame? No worries, it’s actually very easy to learn! Check out the following pdf: Macrame for Beginners Guide pdf to quickly master the basic knots and discover all the best Macrame beginner tips.
Limited kits available.

Click Here To Order Yours

Be A Craftivist Kit

Craft + Activism = Craftivism. Take a break from revision and spread some joy around Bath. Collect your needles and thread, pick your message, stitch it on to your material and hang it somewhere you feel passers by would need it most.

For examples and inspiration, visit or search ‘Craftivism’ on Pinterest.
Limited kits available.

Click Here To Order Yours

30 Day Photo Challenge

Take time to get out and enjoy the spring air with this 30 day photo challenge! There are 30 prompts for each day allowing you to work out your creative muscles and interpret the prompts in any way you wish!

Download the below pdf and get creative! 30 Day Photo Challenge pdf

Solo Practice Spaces at The Edge

SU Arts is delighted to announce that the Edge is now open for individual practice from Tuesday 20 April! Book hour slots in Edge spaces to de-stress, play our pianos, practice your instrument or sing, and take a bit of time for your creative and mental wellbeing.

Rooms available are:

  • Digital Studio (bookable via MusicSoc)
  • Amp Room (bookable via MusicSoc)
  • Fine Art Studio
  • Music Practice Room 1
  • Music Practice Room 2
  • Buchan Solo Practice Room
  • Ensemble Room
  • Choral Practice Room
  • Dance Studio

Open between 09:00 - 17.30 rooms can be booked by signing up for Edge Membership here, and then emailing with your booking request.

Please read the below information about how to access and use our rooms safely, particularly as the Edge is still being used as a Covid-19 test centre (handy for when you've got a room booked!).

Please be reminded:

  • You must pre-book a practice space, you cannot turn up without making a prior booking.
  • Students are allowed one hour of practice space per day.
  • The spaces may only have one student in them at a time. 
  • You must submit your booking request by 16:30 the working day before your booking or it will not be processed.
  • You must ensure you have an email confirmation of your booking before you can access the space.

How to access the space:

Access to Edge rooms is via the side door to the left of the main entrance. Please use the hand sanitiser at the bottom of the stairs. 

Go straight up the stairs to the practice rooms on Level 2. Please let us know when you book if you will need to access via the lift. 

Library card access to the room you have booked will be automatically granted for your booking slot.  

If library card access does not work, please knock on the office door and a member of staff can let you into your room. This is a new system so if you have persistent problems with this please let us know via the SU Arts email. 

You must wear a mask while in the building until you are in your individual room. 

How to use the room: 

Please use the cleaning products in the room to disinfect surfaces and the door handle at the start AND at the end of your practice slot. 

Be mindful of others and leave the room tidy, taking any rubbish with you. 

Please leave at your scheduled time – we need to leave a 30-minute gap between all practices to allow the room to ventilate. 

When exiting the building: 

Leave via the route you came in and do not go through the foyer. 

Wear a mask. 

Room Booking Guide

Individual Rehearsal Risk Assessment