Yearly Bookings for The Edge

The Edge is very in demand throughout the year for shows, rehearsals, workshops, and other activities. In order to allow all groups to have a fair allocation of time and help you plan your activities, every year we ask our societies to request their show and rehearsal bookings for the following year. 

2022/23 Bookings

Show and rehearsal bookings for 2022/23 have been confirmed, and details of bookings have been sent to all society committees. If you are missing these, please get in touch. You can find out how to read your booking sheet by clicking below.

Booking Details Explained

Show and event bookings ONLY book the space out for you. You will still need to go through the events process before the event can take place. 

We CANNOT book shows in the Edge Theatre outside of this process. However, please do get in touch if you'd like to run a smaller event or workshop - our Event Space and practice rooms are bookable at any time.

You can also book additional ad-hoc society rehearsal time online. Click here for more information.

2023/24 Bookings

In semester 2, booking request forms for the next academic year will be sent to society committees. this will allow you to request space for regular rehearsals, shows and other events. Please note these are REQUESTS for space only. Due to the demand for spaces, you may not be allocated exactly what you have asked for, but we will try to make sure as many people as possible get space.

The Arts team will take all requests for space and try to make everything fit in the calendar as best we can. For those requesting shows, we will also make sure to add in any time required for show rigs, tech rehearsals, and dress rehearsals. Once we have a calendar put together, we will send groups their allocated booking time, generally before the end of the academic year. The bookings will initially be sent out provisionally, so there will be a period for comments and changes if the bookings allocated to you don't work, and we will try to find an alternative where possible.

If you would like to see an example of the information sent out during the last booking request round, you can find this here.