Join us at the National Demo!

Education is under attack.

  • The HE Bill is aiming to instigate some of the most significant reforms to the HE sector for years. It threatens to impose higher tuition fees and allow private companies to award degrees
  • Students already face mounting debt with maintenance grants and NHS bursaries scrapped, as well as the changes to student loan terms and the Disabled Students’ Allowance. Under government plans tuition fees will reach £12000 by 2026
  • Further education colleges around the country have been cut to the core, with job losses and course closures, with fresh cuts and mergers on the horizon
  • And what’s more… the government wants to create an Office for Students, a body to become the main funder and regulator of HE in England, but they don’t want any student representation on the Board…

At the NUS National Conference April 2016, it was agreed that action needed to be taken.

Therefore a national demo will be taking place in London on Saturday 19 November. This will bring together thousands of students and staff marching under one banner – ‘United for Education’.

The University of Bath Students’ Union is proud to be supporting the national demo and will be in attendance. We hope that many of you can join us too!

It’s an opportunity:

  • to educate the public about our concerns
  • to demonstrate to policy makers that we are united in our beliefs
  • to send a clear message to Theresa May and the government that we are a force too powerful to ignore

The demo is being organised by NUS jointly with University College Union (UCU), and therefore as well as students, there will be staff from universities across the country attending too.

We have organised coach travel to and from London for a bargain price of £5 per person. Tickets are available until Monday 14th November at 5pm.

To buy your coach ticket please login or register as a guest

It is anticipated that the coach will leave from campus at 08:30 and return at 19:30. Exact timings will be finalised nearer the time.

An information session will be held on Thursday 10th November at 18:15 in 8 West 2.5. We’re aware that many of you will never have been on a demo before so we’ll make sure you know all you need to know to have the best possible time on the day. It’s also a chance to ask any questions you may have and meet other attendees!

Some things to note:

  • All along the route there will be stewards and the safeguarding team to assist those taking part in the march
  • Any potential risks have been taken into consideration in both the NUS/UCU risk assessment, as well as the University of Bath Students’ Union’s own risk assessment for the event. Lots of work is being done to ensure that the national demo is as peaceful and effective as possible
  • The Disabled Students Committee will be marching in a safe space at the front of the march, so they can set the pace and ensure people are not left behind due to mobility issues. All disabled students, staff and supporters are welcome to join them
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