"We are proud to continue our work with the Students’ Union, and the diversity and vision they bring to the volunteering opportunities they engage in…it’s a fantastic resource to the 350 organisations we support, bringing remarkable skills to share for the benefit of those to whom the services are being delivered" -  CEO Volunteer Centre, Bath

"I was so impressed by the commitment and passion of the students, and their heart to help so many diverse projects and work in the community" - Mayor of Bath

"I was very pleased to see the high level of morale in evidence, with everyone being enthusiastic in their roles and focussed on achieving their goals. People are obviously happy working in the SU and find ways to work around any problems that come up. It was seen to be a great place to work, with a friendly and professional environment" - IiP assessor 2014

"It was evident that a great deal of knowledge sharing, coaching and peer-support takes place on a day-to-day basis, with discussions and sharing of experiences. The working environment and culture is very inclusive, with a great feel of team-working in evidence, and everyone feeling comfortable working with their colleagues" - IiP assessor