Monday 03 June 2019, 09:15 - 16:30

Location: 1 West

This is our annual training day for newly elected committee members of all SU Sport Clubs. This year it is being hosted on Monday 3rd June and is a great opportunity for us to get together and prepare ourselves for our roles!

Students and staff are preparing presentations/workshops for us and of course there will be teas, coffees and a light lunch to keep us going!

Find out more about the sessions by checking out the Training Day Booklet  (changes to timings and sessions may still be made).

Sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

Step 1: Sign up to the event by clicking the link below, so that we have a list of all the people attending and can cater/plan for that number.

Step 2: Select the sessions you'd like to sign up to from the table below - sign up to one session from each of the A (green), B (blue) and C (yellow) categories to ensure that you don't sign up to multiple sessions at the same time as that will cause chaos! We would like to recommend that you do your best to attend the 'Club Culture and Socials' session if you can - find out more about this session in the programme.

Simply click the link to the session you'd like to sign up for and click sign up on the following page!

Session Start End Room Sign up Link
A) Chair Training 11:10 12:00 1W 2.104 Sign up
A) Treasurer Training 11:10 12:00 1W 2.03 Sign Up
A) Secretary Training Now merged with 'Other Committee Positions'
A) Welfare Training 11:10 12:00 1W 2.103 Sign Up
A) Social Secs Training 11:10 12:00 1W 2.01 Sign Up
A) Other Committee Positions 11:10 12:00 1W 2.102 Sign Up

B) Club Socials and Culture

13:00 14:00 1W 2.101 Sign Up

B) Club Marketing, Social Media and Sponsorship

13:00 14:00 1W 2.102 Sign Up

B) Inclusion and Inclusivity Award

13:00 14:00 1W 2.103 Sign Up
C) Volunteering, Fundraising and Charity Events 14:10 15:10 1W 2.104 Sign Up

C) Club Socials and Culture

14:10 15:10 1W 2.101 Sign Up

C) Club Marketing, Social Media and Sponsorship

14:10 15:10 1W 2.102 Sign Up

Any questions then please contact us!