Bath This Girl Can

This year Bath This Girl Can will be 18th - 24th November 2019. Our Bath Active timetable will be running alongside some Women-Only sessions which can be found on the timetable below... why not try something new. 

Don't have a gym membership, but interested in getting started? One of our Activators is running some sessions to join her for a FREE TRIAL in the STV gym. Make sure you sign up 

This Girl Can is a campaign that was launched by Sport England to encourage women to get more actively involved in sport.

It celebrates women, encouraging the benefit sport has on your mental and physical health. It inspires you to do the things you love, no matter what your shape, size or level of ability.

It focuses on the reality of physical activity, rejoicing in those red faces and creating a supportive network of women in sport. 

Here at Bath we want to make the campaign local to us.. Step forward 'Bath This Girl Can!'

To find out more about the campaign check out This Girl Can's website here for some inspiring stories from real women who rediscovered what sport could do for them!

For more information please contact SU Bath Sport