Welcome to PoleSoc!


What is PoleSoc? 

Welcome to one of the most inclusive, creative and friendly communities on campus! Building strength and flexibility, boosting confidence and having fun with friends is what we do. 


What classes can I take? 

  • Intro to Pole - for the complete beginner looking to start their pole journey!
  • Mixed-Level Pole - perfect for those just starting their pole journey and those who are continuing on from semester one! Learn choreos and combos at your own speed and level.
  • Intro to Aerial - for the complete beginner looking to fly by traversing hoops, silks and trapeze.  
  • Return to Aerial - for those looking to continue their Aerial journey from Semester One
  • Intro to Tricks & Combos - for those looking to learn more complex moves/shapes 
  • Return to Tricks & Combos - for those comfortable inverting and climbing; ideal for learning intermediate/advanced moves/shapes 
  • Sunday Stretchy - for everyone looking to stretch out and improve their flexibility 


Courses & Price? 

We offer 8-week courses of any of the above classes for £48! Classes are capped at 12 people (2 per pole) so do sign up quickly! By the end of each course - you will have improved your strength, flexibility and developed a passion for the pole!