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What We Do

Welcome to the University of Bath PoleSoc page!

Building strength and flexibility, toning every muscle, boosting confidence and having fun with friends is what we do, and you won't find cheaper classes anywhere else! Taking place in a studio close to the centre of Bath, we have lessons 3 times a week and no matter what your fitness level, we promise you will enjoy yourself!

We share our sessions with Bath Spa Pole Dancing Society which means we have a great group of people, and we all support and learn from each other!

The classes are open to both men and women and you can choose whether you want to learn routines and perform in a variety of showcases or if you just want to learn gymnastic-like moves, both are completely fine!

Reasons to Join Us

Pole dancing is no doubt a topic that is still controversial, but more people are beginning to recognize it as a highly beneficial form of exercise, and a beautiful and impressive art form, much like it's true origins in the circus. Whether you are interested in gymnastics, ballet or modern dance or just want to try a new type of fitness, pole is definitely something for you!

Combining dance, ballet, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics and even some contortion, it works every muscle and improves your full body flexibility. Reaching your goals and learning new moves can be a long and challenging journey, but the feeling of achievement will boost your confidence and have you hooked! Inspiration is always easy to find when watching some of the best performers in pole, both male and female. Take a look at the video below to see one of our favourite examples of this.