In addition to the regular Peer Mentor duties, SPMs also help to organise mentor/mentee activities and socials, present a lecture shout-out to new students about the peer mentor scheme and assist with recruitment, gather feedback from peer mentors about the PM scheme, and assist with training the peer mentors for next year.

PAL Leaders, on the other hand, offer an academic support scheme where PAL Leaders work in pairs to facilitate regular study groups with students in lower years. PAL Leaders do not re-teach students or introduce new material; instead they help students to reflect on lectures, work through recommended readings.

The role of a PAL Leader is to help students think about their lectures and their course material, and then discuss it with the group to help students become more comfortable with their course material.

All Peer Mentors and PAL Leaders attend tailored training sessions that help to develop key transferrable skills such as communication, team working and leadership. They also benefit from improving in personal and professional areas that many employers value, such as effective organizational skills and presentation skills.

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