The University and the SU are working together to improve how our online services work for you, and we need your help!

We are running a series of focus groups and user research sessions to find out how you use our websites and online services.

If you would like to be involved, please express your interest by signing up below. Our next session is on Thursday 23rd November at 12:15, and we will be asking about 6 people to come along. We will email you early in the week to confirm your invitation, if you're not invited this time don't worry, we will contact you directly to see if you want to be a part of future sessions.

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Please note that sessions may be recorded (audio only) and we will confirm you’re happy with this before we start. We will only use the audio recordings to make sure we don’t miss any of your comments. Everything we record will be anonymised. If you are uncomfortable being recorded, please email and let us know.